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I’ve had about three rides on Lucky Star in a row where he didn’t kick up in protest at going forward.  People in my arena of horsemanship believe in fixing problems on the ground instead of in the saddle.  Lucky Star and I have had many conversations human to horse – ground to ground.  My conversation is move and keep moving.  His conversation is move and immediately stop or slow down.  We’ve had many different conversations about this.  My last outing with Lucky Star was about the best conversation we’ve had about going forward.  We even did transitions where I asked him to slow down or stop before he decided to slow down to a stop.

Transitions faster and slower while maintaining the gait that I asked for?  What a concept for Lucky!

Amazing, he did the best when I rode him too.  Lucky Star even cantered when I asked him.  We are nearly back to where we were this past spring!

Lucky Star is a horse that needs committed firm loving, breaks and rewards. I have to work really hard at being the partner that Lucky Star needs!

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