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This past Saturday, Miss America became a part of the entire Engle horse herd.  She’s been sniffing Lucky Star over the fence for more than a month now.  I thought she was ready!  Since she has been here, she’s been turned out only in the non lake part of the pasture.  She’s been turned out with all the mares who have been shifted from lake to non lake part of the pasture, except for Velvet.  Miss America has been turned out with Velvet for the entire time she’s been here. Velvet can’t be on the lake side of the pasture as there is too much green grass.  Velvet is a “diabetic” horse and green grass has too much sugar.  Velvet and Miss America have made some trips together in the trailer too.  Velvet snarls at Miss America and occasionally tries to bite her if she dares get too close to the Queen of it all.

Miss America’s adventure with the entire herd and getting to run in the lake side of the pasture was without event!  Lucky didn’t try to own her.  Grazing peacefully was the norm.  Velvet was alone in the non lake part of the pasture.

Early last week, I say Miss America take on Sage for the ownership of a stall.  I was stunned when Miss America won.  She has learned to stand up for herself.  Sage is old enough now that she gives way when another horse insists on being the dominant horse.

This past Saturday I looked across the lake and saw Miss America moving Sage around.  Miss America charged Sage and Sage moved!  Wow!  Not long after this drama started, Missy ran a few laps around Sage, kicking out and squealing in joy!  She wasn’t kicking at Sage, Missy was just feeling good and expressing her happiness!  She ran at Sage again.  Sage and Missy ran a short ways.  About the 4th run, Sage was done, turned her hind end and kicked at Missy.  Missy decided grazing was in order.  I kept watching and it wasn’t long before Missy started running again and squealing in joy.

I don’t remember ever seeing a horse squealing in joy.

Miss America is a very happy horse!

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