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My son took me shopping today to a store called Boomerang.  It’s near Westport.  I think it’s called Boomerang because it implodes you back in time.  Nathan told me it was sort of a costume store.  I was unprepared. Boomerang has clothes and household things from back in the good ole days.  I was walking into the most unique costume – thrift store ever.

We entered the store and I nearly fell to my knees in worship. Here, before my cowgirl eyes, were floor to ceiling shelves filled with used cowboy boots!  After determining that I wasn’t having a heart attack, my son requested permission to continue into the store while I continued to stunned-stare at the cowboy boots.  After a few moments of worship, I determined that all boots were men’s boots.  I didn’t see any women’s boots, but it took me a while before my brain could be that analytic.

The boots were shelved on my left.  After about 5 minutes of boot gazing, I was able to wrench my gaze from the left to the right where I discovered two racks  of about 50 “ugliest Christmas sweater” candidates.  I lovingly touched many of them, trying to find the prettiest ugliest sweater in my size.  I was too overcome to consider trying on one of these fine examples of American worst Christmas fashion.  I had barely entered the store and was emotionally on my knees in wonder. The sweaters were tagged about $20. Finally, I was able to continue walk into into the store.

Stumbling around with the sights that awaited me, I found a woman’s dressy leopard hat, and a fine leopard pimp outfit and leopard window curtains.  Again, I was overcome.  Leopard is my favorite color.  The pimp outfit was a leopard cape and leopard pants.  The pimp outfits were not for sale. They were rental outfits.  Oh the temptation!

Another row of clothing had about 10 fur coats and the one I looked at also included a matching fur muff. When was the last time you saw anyone wearing a fur coat?  They are totally socially “illegal” .  Cost was a mere $400 plus for the coat with the matching muff.  Good Gad!  If I were rich, I would have immediately taken out my checkbook and bought it…and worn it as pajamas.  Where would you wear a fur coat in this day and age!  I can imagine me wearing the fur coat around the house and sleeping in it.  sigh

I was able to tear myself away from fur row and came to a row marked 60′s.  This was about 100 or so 1960 style women’s dresses.  Oh my!  Let’s return to my teenage years, but I’m certain my body never wore clothes like that.  There were some Jackie Kennedy dresses in this clothes rack.  Oh my goodness, the joy of the 60′s!

I wandered down to the end of that rack and was emotionally felled again by a rack of petticoats.  I lovingly touched a scratchy stiff white petticoat just like the kind I wore under a full skirt. I was crashed back to the 1950′s!   When I was able to walk away from the scratchy petticoats, I looked up and saw about 5 poodle skirts displayed near the ceiling.  The 50′s were making their presence known.

Nathan made a purchase and I stumbled out of the store having to walk by a rack of about 50 plus tie-dyed Tshirts.

It’s amazing that I lived through involuntary immersion into the past.  Although I had a heart beat  and was able to walk, I was emotionally drained!  Nathan revived me with a meal at a Chinese restaurant in Westport.

What a DAY!  Thank you son!

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