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Not long ago, I wandered into a most fun and cheerful kitchen wares place.  I didn’t die and I didn’t get sick.  This is such a cheerful place, that I actually enjoyed it.  I discovered Fiesta Ware.  Good Gad.  Too bad I’m old now.  If I had discovered Fiesta Ware back when I was trying to cook and eat at home, I would be Fiesta Ware rich now.

Today I revisited the kitchen place.  A young man was telling his parent family about his wife’s collection of Fiesta Ware. I imagined the family was his mother, his aunt and his father.   He pointed to some plates and said, “This is what she uses.”  One woman said, “Why don’t we just get her a couple of pieces.  What color does she have?”  The young man explained, “She has all the colors.”  There was silence from the family.  ”All the colors?”  They gazed at the huge collection of “all the colors.”  I could hear them thinking, “She has all this!  My goodness!  The family was overcome.  One of the women asked, “Does she have enough plates of the same color to serve the family?  I wondered that too.  Clearly, our minds were on the matching

The young man explained again, “Every person gets a different color at the table.  When Fiesta Ware comes out with a new color, she buys all the plates and dinner ware in the new color.  She doesn’t buy everything all at once.  It takes her a while to buy every piece in the new color.”  Me and the parents were overcome again by the thought.

Fiesta Ware…we should have bought stock in Fiesta Ware instead of Fiesta Ware dinner plates. I thought about buying a cereal bowl.  i’ve been wanting a new cereal bowl.  I found a one quart bowl for only $8.00.  I decided to pass on getting my own piece of Fiesta Ware.

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