PostHeaderIcon Scaring Myself

Tonight was scary.  I started to put my old fat clothes in garbage bags and I’m hauling them to the used clothes bins tomorrow.  These are fat clothes that I’m still wearing.  They are soft and baggy.  I love my fat clothes.   Instead of watching TV all night, I got up and engaged in scary behavior…folding fat clothes into garbage bags!

One of my retirement dreams is that I will go into my closet and get rid of the thousands of clothes that I don’t like and don’t wear.  However, getting rid of my lovable fat clothes wasn’t in the retirement bargain plan.  My son should breathe a sigh of relief.  Perhaps he will not have to do this when my health goes and I have to exit the home.


Well, back to this obsessive drive toward health.  Health includes getting rid of stacks of used clothing. There will be more air in the house to breathe.  Less hiding places for obnoxious creepy crawly things too.  Perhaps someone else will love their soft full figured comfy feeling.  I’m keeping some of my huge T-Shirts as nightgowns.

I haven’t complained yet in this blog and that has to be rectified.  Whining is an enjoyable exercise for me.

I’d like to complain about sweating.  I go to Anytime Fitness to work out and I sweat.  I have to carry around a small towel or I will go blind.  I need a sweat band.  I guess I could find sweatbands somewhere in the winter time.  You think the Dollar Store stocks sweatbands?

Sweating and winter is really uncomfortable.  You sweat and then go outside into the 20 degree weather.  What happens?  Your sweat freezes.  This is sweat that is resting on your skin.  After being outside for about five minutes, you have flexible frost coating your skin.  Flexible frost does not dry.  Flexible frost on your skin makes you cold, unable to ever get warm again.

You have to take all your clothes off and put new warm dry clothes on.  Every time I sweat, I get a load full of dirty clothing that needs to be washed, folded or smashed and put away.  I’m going through more clothes than I ever did in the sweaty summer.

I participated in a Yoga Class last Thursday.  I sweat in that class just as much as I do on the stationary bike or elliptical machine.  I took part in a senior stretchy class.  I was the only one wiping my face.

This winter sweat stuff is tough on me!

Thank you for letting me get that off my whine list.  I feel much better know that everyone knows how I’m suffering.

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