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I’m on it! Got up today and the dogs and I did our morning walk. Sounds great until you know the only reason I left my morning TV shows was to feed the horses. Once we all get outside, our thought is that we need to impress Fitbit and Map My Fitness with our glorious walk.
One mile with two great pictures of Justine and Heidi.

Then it was adventure time. Today, going to Lee’s Summit to run a few errands. Oh wait, I better stop at Anytime Fitness to accomplish my 30 minutes of exercise. I recently discovered that I can read Facebook, email and post short texts while riding an exercise bike. The exercise bike has its own TV. I watched The View, exercised, read facebook posts and communicated with people all at the same time. This is hero status multi-tasking because I was suffering at the same time.
I also like to watch my heart beat to make certain it doesn’t get high enough to cause me to to heart attack out. The splat would be messy.  These machines are sophisticated.  I can watch TV and monitor my heart beat on this machine.

After that, I did have to stop and get a V-8, roasted almonds and string cheese, merely to save my life. My muscles needed protein. They told me so…really!  That’s what I learned at Nourish where I’m entered into the Fitness Challenge!

On my errands, I parked at the furthest parking spot and walked to the store…all except Starbucks. I used my gift certificate to try out the new Vanilla Blond Starbucks and was tempted into having a sliver of pumpkin bread. I pretended to be really cool with my laptop. I did post some important announcements on Facebook.
One of my errands in Lee’s Summit was to try to get my speaker broke iPhone fixed. I ended up getting an iPhone 5. I had an upgrade due and they bought my iPhone 4 for $150. Can you imagine!!
I got home and fed the horses. They are some lucky horses. Lucky and Muddy!
The dogs and I decided to go for another walk to show off MapMyFitness. We had not yet made it the 10,000 steps that Fitbit expects.
We ended up the day with 13,000 steps. Fitbit is very happy with me.

Now the tomorrow thing. Today doesn’t mean a thing to tomorrow. Tomorrow is start with zero exercise and sugar loving stomach again.  Sugar loving stomach got to have pumpkin bread today. What will it tempt me with tomorrow? Will I be able to do at least 8000 steps? Fitbit is lukewarm with 8000 steps.

The stress of tomorrow is already upon me. 10,000 steps is daunting.  This retirement life is tough!

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