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Concrete and horses have been long in our human journey. Both the Parthenon and Hoover dam are made of concrete.  Humans have been using both horses and concrete to advance civilization.  The Parthenon had those Roman chariot races for the movie Ben Hur.  Hoover dam has no connection to horses, but it probably has more concrete than any structure on earth. The Romans knew that adding horse hair made concrete less liable to crack while it hardened.

In Florida, I learned a new appreciation for the inanimate talent of concrete.  In Florida, I came to love concrete.  Concrete is sexy.  Who knew! In Iowa where I’m from and in Missouri where I’m from now, there isn’t much concrete in horse structures.  We mostly have dirt floors in barns.  Concrete is used for our tack rooms in our little owner barns.  Bigger professional barns might have aisles that are concrete.  Huge arenas with many many stalls can be found with concrete floors, but they don’t show up much in my horse life.

I went to Florida and discovered concrete. In Florida, many horse barns have concrete floors.  At  Flamm’s Place arena where Tony and Jenny Vaught and two of my lucky horses were wintering, exists a concrete barn complete with concrete floor. Here on this day it is in the high 80 degree temperature mixed with humidity by the ocean.  (Oh it’s a wretched place to spend the winter.)  It’s lunch time.  Nothing is happening at the stable.  Every human body is in a “still” position.  I came back to the arena after a wonderful lunch at Squid Lips.  I’ve just seen dolphins swim, watched seagulls soar, and ate wonderful friend shrimp with wonderful best friends.  Who could be happier than me?  My life complete.  Still, it was a little warmish outside under the full bodied sun.

I walked into the barn and found Stefany lying on the floor.  What!  Stefany was lying on the concrete floor of the horse barn.  YECK!  Because Stefany is such a nice person, I didn’t hesitate to make fun and belittle her.  That’s one of my personality traits that make people love me.  While I was making fun of Stefany, Justin joined her on the concrete floor. Since he’s just a young child, I chose not to make fun of him.  I have my limits. After a few exclamations of concrete amazement, I asked Stefany why she was laying on the concrete floor.  She replied, “A concrete floor is the best way to cool off when you are at a Florida stable.”  ”Oh come on!,” saith I.  ”Who ever heard of laying on concrete to cool off?”  Three young voluteer students were with Stefany. They had the good sense to be sitting on buckets and other “sittable” horse aisle structures.  That’s what we do in Missouri.  We sit in the shade on hay, buckets, barrels…anything we can find.

I announced the question using just a slight belittling tone, “Raise your hands if you have has ever layed on a concrete floor to get cool?”  Two of the young women raised their hands.  ”What!” saith I.  ”You two have layed on concrete to get cool?”  ”Yes, Yes,” they announced.  The third young woman looked embarrased that she had never layed on concrete.  Magically, all three women jumped up from their barns seats and laid on the floor next to Stefany.

Five on Concrete

Group Concrete Cool

What the Hay!  They all seemed so happy.  In a nanosecond, I joined them!  I’m sorry Stefany.  You were absolutely right.  This feels great!

Susan on Concrete

Soon we were discovered by Nichole. After some expression of amazement on her part, wham, we had another human body on the concrete floor!

Six on Concrete

Just so you know, one lays on their back on concete because it feels so good on those arms.  I loved how the concrete felt on my arms.  I loved laying on the concrete.  It didn’t seem all that hard.  It was very relaxing and it was very restful.  Who knew!!

Others came.  They all exclaimed over our group insanity.  Pictures were taken.  Amazement expressed.  Then someone got jealous and perhaps wanted to get the horse afternoon started up again.  My best friend, Apryl, is the star of the final concrete story.  We were laying right next to the horse wash room.  Apryl got the hose and….yes, yes…she did.  Apryl SPRINKLED us.  The nerve!  Since I am so sweet, I was terrified that I would melt.

Me and all the other sweet horse people leaped to our feet and horse adventure afternoon started.


Oh yes, I forgot one more thing.  About my small concrete tack room in my barn. …   I’m starting a new business renting concrete space for laying on.  For $5.00/hour, you can come to my concrete tack room and lay down on the floor.  In August, the charge will be $10/hour.  When it gets hot in Missouri, come to “Susanfxtrt Concrete Coolness” and get your concrete chill on!

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  • Kelley Kiefer says:

    SUSAN! You’re awesome. Who would’ve thought? I would have never thought to lay on the floor.