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Pleasant HIll has been added to the Katie Trail!  The Katie trail is a long long gravel chad trail that has been put on an old railroad track.  There are no grades over 1%.  That means when you ride a bike, there is no coasting.  We don’t have that problem with riding horses on the Katie Trail.  Sadly, this portion of the Katie trail isn’t open to horse back riding.  The Nerve!

Pleasant HIll has increased local businesses by one.  We’ve added a Bike and Coffee Shop.  So, the other day, being a retired person and free to have any adventure I can dream up, I visited the Bike Store and ordered Coffee.

The owner brewed the coffee.  He added almond milk and had Stevia sweetener.  It can’t get any better than that.  I wandered around looking at the bikes.  All used bikes.  All very inexpensive bikes.  He told me everyone in Pleasant Hill who owned a bike was bringing their bike into his shop to be fixed.  I looked up and he’s got some antique bikes.

I told him that I had a bike he’s never before seen.  I told him about my Hopalong Cassidy bike sitting all lonely in the garage.  I told him about the holsters and the cap guns.  He quizzed me on who made the bike.  My memory failed me, but I told him I got the bike in 1951 when my parents ordered it from the Sears Catalog.  I told him that was my childhood bike.  I told him I had it restored in Wisconsin and my son drove there to pick it up.

He believed me then.

We are talking about exhibiting my bike in his store.  I think it might increase his business and antique bike and Hopalong Cassidy people might come pouring into his shop.

He’s got insurance.

I’m going to take my bike into see him tomorrow.

I’ll be getting some more coffee.  He charges just a tip.  This coffee is between $2 and $4 at McDonalds and its just stale coffee poured over ice.

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