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Adventure One – this morning

The back story is my recliner.  My recliner is one of those power lift chairs.  We bought it so my mother could get out of a chair.  She left us in 2007, so we must have had this chair a couple years before that.  I’ve been sitting in this chair every day of my life that I live at home.  I soak up my mother’s DNA and use it as a Mom reminder.  I love the chair.  The chair has been telling me it might be time for it to join my mother.  The chair is going to chair heaven

The power thing has been failing.  I’m laying fully streched out enjoying life and then the power thing fails and I can’t get the chair up.  It’s been getting worse.  I have learned that I can crawl out the side of the chair, but this does not look like ballet.  It looks like, well, pitiful is the word that comes to mind.

This afternoon, I was laying in the chair, snoozing. That’s what everyone does on a Sunday afternoon.  I was stretched out when a big knock on the front door came.  My body shot up straight and leaped out of the chair to a puddle on the floor.   I had to drag my body off the floor to an upright position. Meanwhile, someone is standing at the front door.   The dogs were at the door. Justine was barking.  Finally,  I made it to the door and straddled Heidi.  Somehow she got between my legs.  I opened the door straddling a German Shepard while Justine on three legs lunged out the door. Whoopee!

It was a person that fishes in our lake.  He just wanted to thank me for letting him fish.  We chatted.  He never mentioned or let on how odd it was to have someone answer the door astride a German Shepherd with little Justine lunging at him.  After all, he fishes here.  He’s seen us in all our glory.

But that was end of chair.  Chair has been dragged to the dumpster.  Blessing have been said.  No longer will I be lounging with my mother’s DNA.  sigh…  Sad day.

New chair is in my mini van awaiting someone with strength and knowledge to get it inside the house and put together.

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  • Carole Sharp says:

    I have one of those chairs that was my Dad’s. It is still working well, but must weigh 500 lbs. If you know of anyone looking for one I would gladly sell it. ;o)