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Bike clothes deserve an entire chapter along with bike seats.  Let’s talk about clothes first.

Bike pants are tight and they are foam-lined where the seat hits the road…so to speak.  Bike pant color comes in black.  Summer bike pants go down to the knees and have elastic to make certain they don’t ride up.  It’s important that bike pants stay exactly where they need to be and provide some cushion.  I had to find bike pants that would fit my immense body.  The link that you see here shows a normal bike rider like I had to ride with all the time.  Thin women!  Most road bikers are young and thin.  I don’t look anything like my fellow road bikers.  I hope to look reduce the size of my bike thighs, but first I need to cloth the present body.  Amazingly, I found bike pants to fit me!  I found them in a local bike store.  I was able to get them on my body with only minor tugging and tummy cramming. There is hope for us!  Summer bike pants are short and winter bike pants are long.  I found winter bike pants too.  Shocking!

Bike shirts are loud and outrageous in color.  Bikers like to be very visible out on the highway.  We like it when cars see us.  Bike shirts are fun.  They are longer than a T-shirt and have elastic around the bottom.  We like our bike shirt to stay secure.  Most shirts have pockets on the back. Road bike people ride those bend-over handle bars and their back is the handiest place to have a pocket for energy foods.

Bike seats.  There can be a lot of pain with a bike seat.  Accordingly, inventors have invented a wide variety of bike seats.  It’s all about pressure.  I think I’ll leave it at that.  I ended up with a total of four different bike seats before I found the one that could take me long distances.  It’s all about pressure.  The bigger the seat, the more the pressure is spread out.  Some of these seats have removed the more serious pressure points.  Enjoy looking! I wonder what happened to all my prize bike seats.

Bike Seat Bike Seat Bike Seat I did purchase #2 and #3, but ended up with a wide gel seat.  Spreading out the pressure was the secret for me.  If you have nothing better to do, reading the reviews for men’s bike seats is sort of fun.  Go ahead read a review.

Gloves:  You must wear gloves when you ride a bike to help with the pressure.  Gloves have gel support for bike riders put a lot of weight on their hands.  We don’t use most of our fingers, the pressure is on hands.  These gloves have been long developed to put gel where it is most needed!  These gloves will give you the idea of pressure points on the hands.

There is nothing too humiliating in this story, other than that thought of a Rubenesque red-haired woman perched on a two joined gel-filled thimbles.

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