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Memorial service today for  Bob Chrisman.  Turns out, he affected perhaps a million people’s lives.  Affected them in a very postive way.  He cared about each person he knew and came to like.  He truly cared.

The moderator of the memorial service told us that Bob’s circle of friends were separate and apart.  He had different groups of friends and in most instances, the circles didn’t intersect until he was in Hospice…and just now at his memorial service.

For instance and for me the most moving testimony to Bob’s influence on the world was…

The manager of the Taco Belle on 87th and Prospect (I think).  A young woman on the heavy side, cried and told us that Bob didn’t care about her size or what she looked like.  He treated her with utmost respect and admiration.  They developed a friendship and she began developing friendships with people he brought into the store to eat.  A couple of times, Bob called the CEO of Taco Belle to tell the cooperation president what an amazing person they had.  She cried harder and told us her store was due to be remodeled soon and Bob would not be there to see it.  The sanctuary was full and this young woman was first up and able to tell this story in a manner that most professional speakers would have been proud.  Her speech started us all on a journey of the amazing life.  Bob cared for us all and he affected us all.

His neighbors spoke. Bob’s fellow writers spoke and shared his affect on their lives.  We got to have one of his stories read to us.  Google Bob Chrisman and read his stories.  His life experiences will affect you too and many lives to come as his stories are discovered. The Internet never dies and neither does the author.

A butterfly was flitting about and landed on a drop of water in a large lake.  That landing made the slightest lightest of waves.  An alert fish leaped up and swallowed the butterfly.  Another fish decided to make a meal of fish #1 and so it went until fish #52 was hooked by a family.  The butterfly made a big ripple and ended up feeding a nation.  (Yes, you need a little bit of imagination and belief in small things make big results.)

We were all there tonight… food people in the various places Bob dined, bus riders, co-workers, gay groups, neighbors, and fellow writers.  Bob made a huge ripple in the world.  I only hope my contribution to the human race can be a smattering of the life that Bob contributed to humankind.  Bob’s Memorial Service was a life changing event.

I ask me, “Am I affecting people now”?  I answer, “Yes”.  I ask me, “Can I affect more people?”  I answer “Yes”.  I ask me, “Can I affect more people in a positive uplifting feel-good way?”  My answer is “Yes!”  Care about people.  Let them see that you care.  Appreciate people.  Appreciate the person behind the counter at Taco Bell, at the gas station, serving at the restaurant, your medical providers and your friends. Care about people.  Bring joy into lives.

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