I discovered another trail in the Johnson County area. This trail was totally flat.  This trail is north of I-435.

I’m having to take my bike somewhere else to ride. What does that mean?  I have to transport my bike in my vehicle. Vehicles are a little crampy for a bike.  No problem!  Buy and have a bike rack installed!  Another happy bike store and presto, “Have bike will travel!”

Although I’ve made it sound like I’m nearly as good as the pre-drug Lance Armstrong, that would be a lie.  I was still very not in shape.

I’m happily pedaling away at my new bike trail.  I come upon a runner.  I am catching up to a runner.  I’ve never passed anyone yet.  I slowly catch up to the runner.  I tell him I’m coming and “You re the very first person I’ve ever passed”.  He says “that’s great”.  All of a sudden and little dip in the road and a little hill gets in my way. The runner gains more of a lead ahead of me. “DRAT”  The runner turns his head around and Yells at me, “You can do it…Come on!”  The trail flattens out again, I put the pedal to the medal and sail past him.  ”Congratualtions!” he yells as I pass him buy and increase my lead.

I’ll never forget passing my first runner.  I have bike high!

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