PostHeaderIcon Life Bike Twelve – The End and Beginning of Passions

After RAGBRAI in July was the MS 150 in Kansas City.  I did it again.  After experiencing RAGBRAI and the fun times in all the towns, MS 150 was, well, dull.  No matter because I had moved to the country.  I visited Roberta in the country with her horse.  I came back home and told my husband we had to move to the country.  Grumpily, he said we could look at country homes.

We drove down the driveway of the only country home advertised in the newspaper on that day.  It was magic.  The house at unattached garage were blue.  Both the spouse and I were overcome by the beauty of the property and the color blue.  We bought it and moved.

Life with the bike became a lot more complex.  I now lived at the end of a mile long gravel road.  Roads in my town were blacktop with no shoulders.  The next summer I bought two horses.  It became tough to ride my bike and play with my horses.  My bike riding times decreased.  I was still out there trying, but not as much.  The passion had to be shared with the living creatures, the horses.

I participated in a bike ride across Missouri.  My hours of getting into shape had decreased and I started getting sick as we were nearing Columbia, Mo.  I had made it from Kansas City to near Columbia. Sadly, the sag wagon was called for me.  I called my husband and about three hours later, I was on my way home. That was the end of the bike riding passion and the flowering of the horse riding passion.  The beginning horse riding passion has been made into a book awaiting some forty eight year old actress and movie maker…  The book, Susan FoxTrotter, is paperback in Amazon and also a Kindle book.

PS:  I’m retired now and have taken old yellow to a bike shop (New Town Bike and Coffee Shop) to be regenerated into a working bike again.  We’ve got part of the Katy Trail in my town…  This might not be the true end of the bike story!

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