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I awoke at the crack of post dawn about two hours before my normal awakening time of 9:30am…or sometimes 10:00am.  I gave up two hours of beauty sleep to start cooking.  Cooking!?  It’s a word not usually associated with the person you know as me.

My senior fitness class at Anytime Fitness in Pleasant Hill is having a pot luck Christmas Lunch today.  I had signed up to bring a food.  I struggled out of bed and into razor sharp consciousness.  Undertaking a cooking experience is fraught with danger for me.  I loaded myself up with power and opened up the demonic fridge.  Just two days ago, the fridge demon threw a heavy glass container from the top shelf to land on one of my precious toes, breaking one or more bones in the precious toe.  I glared strongly at the 32 oz glass container filled with blueberry juice and willed it to stay on it’s new shelf in mid range fridge.  It stayed.

I pulled the cooking stuff from the fridge.  I had much work ahead of me.

With my semi long serrated knife, I opened the bags and poured them all into the shiny ceramic crock pot inside.  After I got all the veggies in the pot, I prayed that the lid and the crock pot outside would be found in the truck, the last location.  I put on my outside clothing and went outside to feed and water the horses.  They were grateful to see that food and water come their way.  I checked the truck and discovered the crockpot outside and the lid right where I had left them last month! Happiness abounds.

Inside the house, I masterfully fitted all the parts of the crockpot together and went out the door.  I dropped off and plugged in the crockpot at Anytime Fitness and headed on to Nourish for my favorite Vanilla Almond Protein Shake and Raspberry ice tea.  YUM!  I drove to Lee’s Summit to cash a check and visited the library.  I checked my email and all the Facebook happenings. Finally, it was time to return to Anytime Fitness and not do the Senior Exercise class (because of my broken toe).  Instead, I worked out on the machines while my friends sweated and groaned with the glee of senior class exercise.

My crockpot was working!  Food was getting hot.  Class was over and now I had an hour to kill before lunch starts at noon.  I decided to visit New Town Bike and Coffee Shop.  By now, I needed coffee!  Instead I had a latte with almond milk and carmel flavoring.  I told Alan I was cooking for the senior class lunch.  He asked me if I was planning on going to college.  Sadly, I missed the humor.  Finally, I connected the words, “senior” and college.  Remember when you were a senior in high school and planned on going to college? Good Gad, for me that was around 40+ years ago.  I owe Alan a fun uncompliment!  I explained to Alan that I hardly remember high school.  He apologized.  humph!

Finished my wonderful coffee and went to have lunch with my senior class…at the Fitness Center.  Yum Yum Yum..  Us old people can certainly make great stuff!  Great googabs of my stuff was taken which made me pleased.  Whew…all that cooking and physical fitness had tired me out.

Home for a change of clothes.  Out to the barn and Lucky Star volunteered to travel with me to the indoor arena and have a little ride.  Oh he was so good.  We had a great time.  Our communication is coming along strong.  We’ve come a long way on this, the start of our third year.  We are planning to be a show horse and rider in 2014!

Home again with Lucky getting to graze in the front yard to let him know he is special.  The front yard still has green grass.  What a happy horse he is to eat green grass!  Inside for a 30 minute rest.  This was not to be a nap day.  It’s going to be tough to recover from the post dawn early awakening plus no nap.  Probably take me the rest of the week.

I got dressed up in my Kauffman Center usher outfit…white shirt, black pants and black shoes.  Outside I went.  Lucky had to become a normal horse in the pasture and I took off to usher Canadian Brass Concert.  What a great evening performance.  Helzburg Hall was full.  We found everyone’s ticketed seats and life was good.

Home before midnight…a full day of great times!

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