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PostHeaderIcon Most Amazing Dinner Date

“I’ll take you to dinner tonight at Sam’s,” I said.  ”OK, Let’s go.  Let me get my heavier coat on,” spouse responded.  That’s how we start out a romantic date night.  Sam’s has the best BBQ brisket I’ve ever eaten.  I have become a fan of brisket because of this restaurant.  It’s the type of restaurant I grew up in…meat and potatoes with vegetable options.  Good cooking.

We entered Sam’s and found “our booth” was free.  We sat down and fought over the placement of the table.  The plush booths are just a little too far from the table.  I have short arms.  My arms could be called three quarter length arms.  Tables have to be close enough so I can rest most of my lower arm on the table to eat and to post on Facebook comfortably.  Evidentially, spouse’s arms and a little short for this booth too.  Spouse whined that he never gets a say in how close the table is for his body. But I have the shorter arms, I said.  I juggled the table closer toward him about half an inch.  I asked if he was OK with the table placement.  He agreed.  It just took a concession from me and he gave in.  Date night was up and running again.

Our meal arrived and we were busy with the shoveling the food from the plate to our mouth.  Yum!  I marvled over how much tender  brisket I had…enough for another good meal.  We both marvled and continued to eat.

BANG…CLATTER…CRASH and a verbal really really loud “DAMMITT!” came from my booth.  I stared at spouse and there was no plate on his side of the table.  Amazing, his plate had taken a flying leap, bounced into his lap and crashed on the floor with half of his hamburger steak and sweet potato fries.  Thank goodness there was only one other table of people in the restaurant and the shocked faces of those diners …along with my own, froze in the restaurant air.

“What Happened?” I said.  He said, “The table was too far away.”

Sweet potato fries and half the hamburger on the floor.  He managed to pick up the plate and spear the hamburger.  Dogs enjoyed our date night.  Tip was increased

Next time we go to Sam’s, we are not sitting in a booth.  Our seat of preference will  be a table with chairs.  Sam’s has cushioned chairs and they scoot close enough to the table so that your dinner plate won’t go flying through the air.

Have you ever had a dinner plate that went flying through the air?  Lordy!!!


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