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Ride Today featuring “The Yes” AKA Susanfxtrt and the “Mister No” AKA Lucky Star

We had an arena ride which was cleverly disguised as a fun way to get the “NO” to canter without breaking gait.  Getting Mr. No to Canter is a bit of a challenge.  The Yes put out barrels in a circle pattern.  Yes and No had some fun going around in the circle pattern and stopping to rest at a barrel.  Barrels became the reward without too much effort.  The Yes managed to get the NO to make circles at a slow walk, Flat Foot Walk and Fox Trot.  Then it was time to Canter.  Canter we did.  Our first attempt got us a canter to the next barrel and rest and petting occurred.  A few more attempts and an entire circle at a canter was obtained from a willing Mister No!  Going at the different gaits in the opposite direction with plenty of stops, pettings and rests got us to the time for the canter.  Mr No managed a three barrel canter on his first attempt.  After a long rewarding rest, we tried again and got a full circle at the canter.  Class was over!

Upon our arrival home, the Yes announced to Mister No that we would begin our pattern of arena and then outdoor riding.  Mister No must not have bought into that announcement.  Yes and No started forth with all the great speed of a boat anchor.  We managed to get from the trailer to the end of the property and nearly back to the starting point when we got clogged down in a patch of brown grass heading toward the gravel driveway.  There was the slightest change of color from brown grass to darkish wet dirt to gravel road.  Mr No decided he didn’t want his feet to touch the darkish wet dirt.  Yes was exasperated as this could not even be classified as a ditch.  Mr No evidentially thought this was a darkish wet dirt place of high danger.  Mr No pawed the non ditch.  Mr No stomped the non ditch.  Yes made the front legs move back and forth, the back legs moved from side to side, the body occasionally side passed closer to the non ditch without touching.  We sat in silence…Yes and No.  Three or four times the Yes tried to get the No’s feet to touch the non ditch.  First a toe, then another toe and finally, we were standing in the non ditch and the long awaited crossing was made.

More time was spent in walking back and forth across the non ditch and finally the ride was over.  Mr No had made his point about not buying into two rides in one day.  Thoughts and threats about calling the Horse Hotline Unfair Labor Practice were bandied back and forth, but not followed through as of this time.

The Yes dismounted and led Mr No over to the non ditch.  He walked from the brown to the dark and to the gravel just fine.  The Yes then took Mr NO to some water puddles in the gravel road.  First Mr. No had a drink and then gleefully crossed the water without hesitation.  Yes and No then went to another water puddle and walked through it.

hmmmm….the only argument was when Yes was the passenger and Mr No was the lead-anchor-foot utility transport .


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