PostHeaderIcon Mouthy Mouthy Tales of Lucky Star

Nearly Summer in Kansas City land.  Lucky Star and I went at it this morning about 11:00 till after 12. We cantered. We zoomed around. We played pair class with Karin. Something sensational happened with our pair exercise with another gelding.  Lucky Star did not pin his ears and threaten to eat Karin’s gelding.  We rode close together without a Lucky pinned ear swishy tail non verbal war.  I might survive being in a horse show rail class!

I was starting to feel like a heat stroke victim, so we loaded up and came home. I opened door to let Lucky out while I got the hose ready. Lucky just stood in the trailer. Usually,his front feet leave the trailer and he’s eating grass before I can get the trailer door fully open. Today, I had to lead him out, and that was after I got the hose ready. He did perk up when he got his cold bath. Now he is the King of the Pasture again and I’m Queen of the Recliner! Lordy, it’s hot/humid out there.

I was thinking more about how he has improved lately and realized something has been missing for a while.  His mouthy mouth is missing.  His mouth used to be constantly jab-exploring my nearest body parts with an occasional nip.  I am constantly on guard when that mouth is in range of a body part.  When I put his bridle on, it’s difficult to get the bit near his mouth because the mouth has grabbed any part of the bridle that came near his mouth….bridle top, fastener loop, rein etc.  When I ride, he’s trying to eat the sides of the bit or he gets a rein in his mouth.

Today, I realized that this behavior is missing.  I’ve forgotten to be on the alert for his mouth to touch me.  I can put on the bridle without trouble and he no longer grabs a rein when I ride.

Good Lordy!  I am winning!  He no longer is trying to win the control Susan contest (with his mouth)!

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