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Winter blues along with Lucky Star little progress.  Will I ever get to show him.  Will he stop in the middle of the arena during the class.  How can I keep him going.  I’ve not been in a show arena for going on three years now.

Will Lucky Star make it this year?  Canter isn’t anywhere near solid yet.  Will he balk while we are in the show ring?  Will he argue on transition from one gait to the next?  When I ask him to slow down from a fox trot to a flat foot walk, will he stop and refuse to go.

Oh woe is me.  He’s improving.  He’s got the best flat foot walk and fox trot that I’ve ever ridden.  His gaits are astounding.  His work ethic is non-astounding.  I love him.  He’s very safe to ride.  He’s not afraid of nearly anything.  There’s no bolt in this guy.  I love that.

Will he ever stop trying to nibble on me, on his bridle, on the reins, on the bit on my stomach and other tender body parts.  Will his mouth ever quiet down.

Whah whah whah

What is this…a raffle horse has been announced for the Super Horse Show competition next June.  Let me check out his horse!

  • Already started
  • Started by someone I admire as a rider
  • Started by someone whom I like to see ride a horse and treat him right
  • Rode out on trails alone for three years by the person I admire
  • Bloodlines are great
  • I think his sire is the horse I saw perform in the World Show in 1999 and swept the crowd along for his amazing ride
  • bloodlines show his great grandfather is the same as Velvet’s grandfather.  He has Toddy’s Perfection bloodlines!
  • He’s black
  • His head sort of reminds me of Velvet’s head
  • He’s black and looks a little like Velvet

I’m buying a bunch of raffle tickets.  I’m sick of the winter and with the slow progress on getting Lucky coming along!

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