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Lucky and I went on a trail ride today at James A Reed.  Chas and Louie went too.  Lucky needed this trail ride.  He needed to get out and see the scenery!

It’s sunflower time at James A Reed park!  It’s also corn time there too.  The ears are almost finished…not yet edible, but coming along.

We had a great time.  Lucky is a great trail horse.  He might look at strange things, but keeps right on trucking.  He’s got one spook in him and I know exactly where it’s at.  It’s not far from the trailer parking area, so we visited it today with me leading him.  He scoots now at the spook jumping, just a three-four foot scoot.  We had a little time to do our ground work before I got into the saddle.  I had a lot of exercise today and so did Lucky Star.

No arguing on the trail.  He is a forward trail horse, and fun to ride.  We “gaited’ much of the trail when we were on the return trip.  Oh that is wondrous!

Here is a picture of Louie and Chas…which is more gold, Louie or the Sunflowers?

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  • Louie says:

    Lucky Star and I had a nice time trucking around the park today. I think the ladies did too–they were laughing and smiling and patting our necks to whole way! You’d think one of them would have given us some treats–but there weren’t any! Good thing we stumbled into the yummy flower field!