PostHeaderIcon Cisco Futurity – Back in Time

Cisco’s birth mothers recorded his birth, recorded him being imprinted and recorded his first steps and nursing.  When they found out I had gained possession of Cisco, they had the recording made into a DVD.  I received the DVD a couple of days ago and have been watching it.

I feel like I was there when the cute little bundle of energy was born.  I was there when he came out of the sack.  I joined his imprinting.  I rooted for his struggle to stand and remain standing.  He was a strong colt.  When he stood up the first time trying to balance all those four legs, he swayed front to back and side to side, but stayed on his feet.

I fell in love with his mother.  What a great mom she was.  She stayed laying down on the ground a long time while he struggled to move.  Finally he got close enough to her mouth so that she could reach him and lick him.  He was trying mightily to stand up, so she choose to stand up herself.  During Cisco’s struggle to get his four legs to cooperate, he ended up directly underneath her.  The mare knew not to move.  She didn’t even move when his struggling to stand up got him moved to her side.

I was there when he took his first steps.  I was cheering with the crowd while he tried to find the milk spigot.  We all gave a silent standing ovation when he discovered the milk that would sustain his life and grow him.  I was there the next day when he checked out everything, tried to help his mother eat hay and met his future mare babysitters.

His star was much bigger when he was born.  Or maybe his head was smaller as a foal.  His star shone forth in the middle of his forehead and announced to all of us present that he was going to have a special destiny.  Now his destiny has been transferred into my hands.

I was present when Camelot Southern Celebration was born.  I am in the present nine years later with this gorgeous, talented, smart hunk of a horse!  Let his destiny ride on!

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