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Ever since I won Cisco in the raffle, I’ve been babbling, bragging, screaming, and in a mood of high excitement and joy.  Cisco has been in “customized training for Susan” with Nichole Copple.

I have brought Cisco home.  The real world starts.  Cisco lives at my house.  I have to ride him and start the journey.  Reality has hit!

  • “SCREAM!  You won’t believe how wonderful he is!  Oh, he is beautiful.  He rides like a dream.  I look fabulous on him.  Everyone that sees him comments on how beautiful he is.  Have I mentioned how cute I look when riding him?  He is willing to go.  He’s quiet.  He’s loving.  He will be developed into a wonderful versatility horse with flat foot walk, fox trot, obstacle winning, canter, stop, back, spin etc…”

I’ve had two rides on him now.  We are starting to “get together”.  We play on the ground on-line and at liberty.  He is trying very to figure out what I’m asking him to do.  When riding, I use my body to tell him where and how fast to move and he willingly obeys (when he figures out what I want)!  It’s coming.  It’s fun and by the way, Cisco and I look astounding!

See, I’m back in the real world now with the real journey.

Cisco had an emotional meeting today with the woman who imprinted him and helped raise him.  Of course he remembered.  Horses remember.  Becky and Cisco had a very nice meeting today.  Becky didn’t cry, only because she was too busy petting and loving on him.  She cried last night at the thought of the meeting today.  Cisco has been loved all  his life and it shows.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s is black with four white socks and a little white on his face.  doesn’t hurt at all…. beautiful horse!

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