PostHeaderIcon Cisco is a Left Handed Trailer Loading Horse

I can lead Cisco into trailer just fine.  He follows me.  When I turn to leave him in the trailer, he gets a little less confident.  Trailers are not a horse’s most favorite place.

Early on in our relationship, Cisco  learned how to load in the trailer with me outside, sending him in.  I park him at the trailer, pick up my left hand and send him in.  We had quite a time about that the first couple of times.  He goes in but is still uneasy about staying in the trailer.

Several times since I’ve had him, I’ve tried to load him with my right hand.  It’s easier because you can have the trailer door right at your back, ready to shut the door as needed.  Yesterday evening as it was getting dark, I had to stand with my right hand pointed towards the trailer because the trailer door would not stay open on its own.  Cisco tried to load into the trailer.  A couple times he got one or both front feet in, but it was going to take a while to get all four legs loaded into the trailer.  Have I mentioned it was getting dark.  One has to know when to pick one’s battles.  Luckily, a boarder was just leaving the stable and I asked him to hold the trailer door so I could load Cisco in with my left hand.

I believe today might be the trailer loading lesson that Cisco needs to feel comfortable about getting into and staying in the trailer.  It might be the last nice day before winter starts tonight.

Story to be continued…

Nevermind.  Just ignore all that stuff above.

I loaded Cisco right handed.  He did leave the trailer once, got back in (right-handed direction) and then stayed in.  I’m certain that this is because of my training methods and possibly the bucket of grain at the front of the trailer helped just a smidgeon.  Cheat, you say!  Here’s what I say, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”  It’s another way to get around direct line thinking.  Direct line thinking often makes things more difficult when it comes to humans and horses.  If Cisco likes being in the trailer with a feed bucket, it’s just a way to increase his confidence.  We’re all about that!

Just a note to let you know that I have a book out there, ready for you to read.  It’s all about horses….and me

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