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Gone is the “Horse of No”.    The Horse of No really has left the building.  Lucky Star has become willing to go!  Last year he was coming along well except for bristling when I asked for the canter.  The canter  was bracy and stiff because Lucky was protesting having to go at such speed and effort.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience for the rider as there was a different canter going on with each side of Lucky Star.  He was leading the canter with one leg in the front and the other leg in the back, making the rider feel bounced.

By the end of summer, Lucky was ready to show in non-canter classes.  We did manage two classes at our Fox Trotter club show in August.  He only stopped and balked at the gate twice as we were going around the track.  We were ready for the big national show and I sent Lucky Star to training with Jenny for two weeks.  He had no chance.  He learned to canter willingly under Jenny’s training!  I had a new horse after two weeks!  However, He came down with a cold and was unable to show at the Celebration.

Spring came in March and my riding has started.  He canters!  There is no balk.  There is hesitation and the desire to stop next to the gate to escape to grazing on the grass, but it’s just a thought instead of a full fledged balk.

I rode him the second day and Lucky Star suffered big time.  He needs sympathy.  He had to canter all over the arena.  We did drop to trot lead changes on the rail.  We serpentined through the middle of the arena and did drop to trot lead changes as we hit the middle.  Our lead changes weren’t pretty, but we had impulsion.  Impulsion used to be a “no” word in the language of the Lucky Star.  Lucky has impulsion now.  He will go.  Sweat was present upon his body and he had a bath upon our return home.  Poor Lucky Star.

All Lucky Star’s lack of work ethic was expressed in the arena.  Out on the trail Lucky has always been ready to explore the trails.  At least with other horses as company.  He’s a great trail horse…brave, willing and smooth.

More later on Lovable Lucky Star as we continue our journey.

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