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My  yellow raincoat has been missing around a year.  It was on a hanger in a store when we first met.  It started out life as a very expensive name brand wondrous water proof  soft raincoat.  You didn’t meet many like this in the early 90′s.  I met it before I had horses and when I used to shop for fun.  I can’t imagine going to shopping centers as having fun since moving to the country and having horses.

No matter.  I met “the yellow” on a sale hanger.  I was shocked that the size might fit me.  I tried it on.  It’s a full length raincoat and a little too long for my short legs, but we fell in love.  I bought it.  People have seen me and my yellow raincoat forever.  We are constant companions at all the national horse shows in Ava and before that at all the Parelli events in Colorado.  My yellow raincoat and I lived thru the aftermath of hurricane rains at a show in Ava, Missouri.  That was in 2007 or 2008!

Last year my rain coat was missing when the spring national show occurred in June.  It was still missing at the national show in September.  During the year during the infrequent rainstorms I wondered where my yellow friend was hiding in my house or trailers.  Missing Missing Missing

This is the second horse show at Lone Wolf riding center that I designed the trail class.  Today, I went to Cleveland, Missouri to survey the arena and to look at the stuff piled around wanting to be used as obstacles in the trail class.  I took a close look at the mail box and there was a yellow flash of something in the mail box.  I went closer to look and there was my yellow raincoat.  Last year I used the sweet yellow in the trail class.  The riders were to take the raincoat out of the mailbox and put at least one arm in the sleeve.  I remember being alarmed at that decision.  It took too long and someone might tear the precious yellow.  So the rider just took it out and layer it on their horse and put it back into the mail box.

My raincoat has been used as a trail obstacle for a year!  Used by unknown hordes of riders.  No one has washed precious yellow and it has lived in arena drifting dirt for an entire year.  My brain forgot that precious yellow was a trail obstacle in Cleveland, Mo!

I tugged my yellow out of the mailbox and it was fully and wonderfully intact!

Good Lordy!

It’s going to rain this weekend.  Precious yellow has been washed and will be ready to go tomorrow back in partnership with it’s beloved human.

Precious Yellow and I have been reunited!

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