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Samson loves the Green Ball

Samson loves the green ball

Samson is Velvet and JJ’s son.  He is owned by Nichole.  Jenny made the mistake of letting me play with Samson during a Yound and Green Horse Development Clinic.  I fell in love and wanted to steal him.  I decided that stealing him wasn’t really ethical, because I gave Samson to Nichole as a Christmas present before he was even born.  I faked a registration paper.  I wanted her always to have a Velvet in her life.

So, instead of stealing him.  I am borrowing him.  I have permission.  Samson is home with me.  He is wonderful.  I’ve groomed him.  It’s been too muddy to do anything at the home place.  So today, I was contemplating taking him to an indoor arena I get to ride in.  hmmmm.  He needs to travel and go to different places to get used to the big world.  I got him out of the pasture.  I decided to practice trailer loading.  Samson loaded himself into the trailer and I thought…let’s go!  Let’s start the Samson Campaign!

We got to our destination and Samson was nervous but under control.  We managed to get into the barn and then the arena!  Whoowee!  We played.  We had a somewhat nervous but fun time in the new arena.  Arenas alway have sounds, creaking, popping and noises here and there.  Plus heavy truck traffic goes by this arena.  it’s a quiet arena with some great noises to get a horse underway to exist in the complex world of humans.

After we played, we went back to the trailer.  It’s a windy day and the wind blows the trailer door shut.  I have nothing that fastens that door open.  So I had to tie the door open because Samson was just a little nervous about getting into the trailer.  We played around the trailer, getting used to the wind and traffic noises.  Finally, Samson got into the trailer and we went home.  We played from 12:30 to 2:30.

When we got home, Samson got to be turned out with the entire herd today in the entire pasture.

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