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Samson the People Loving Horse

Four horses needing their yearly vet shots and checkup. Pasture has five horses. Barn has three stalls. Samson is the low horse in the herd and he is one that needs his shots. Hmmmm. I’m decided to get Samson and let him loose in the yard. I’m cleaning the trailer out and Samson wanders around alternately eating grass and going into the barn to check out his friends locked in the three stalls.

Dr, Baker arrives. We decide Samson is first since I altered him. Dr Baker examines him and gives him the shots in the barn aisle. Samson does great. I let him loose and Dr. Baker and I head into Lucky’s stall. Samson went outside to eat grass, but soon he was back in the barn. Samson stayed in the barn the rest of the time. He ate a little hay and did crunch on Dr. Baker’s empty syringes for a brief time. He picked up a feed bucket another time.

Dr. Baker asked Samson why he didn’t go out and eat grass like most normal horses would have done. I answered for Samson. “He’s a people horse. He likes people.”

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