PostHeaderIcon Cisco the Cow Horse and Cisco Love

The last cow clinic showed Cisco, a good ole boy who loves everyone, hesitating to wade (walk) into the bunched up cow herd. Cows can be intimidating when they are standing body to body touching and looking at us. Cows are even intimidating when looking at a bunch of them from the rear. Cisco was not willing to walk into the herd some of the days at the last cow clinic.

Cisco’s confidence increased this week. He was doing great with the cows. The weather turned hot, humid and all air ceased moving. I got off Cisco for a short break. I left all the cowgirls and cowboy in the center of the arena where they were holding the herd of cows. Cows were in the middle and cowgirls/cowboy had the herd surrounded.
Cisco has his bridle on and I didn’t want to take the time to get his halter to tie him up. Cisco deposited me nicely at the fence where I climbed off. He stood there nicely. I told him to wait for me at the fence and left.

When I reappeared in the arena, the cows were massed at the end of the arena and Cisco was in the middle….where the cows were supposed to be.

When I left him, he decided to go play with the cows! He strolled past the cowgirls/cowboy right smack into the cow herd. He nipped a cow! The cow startled and took off. All the other cows decided to leave also. The herd ran past the startled cowgirls/cowboy. Wow! Cisco is a cow horse!

I walked into the arena. Everyone was telling me what an amazing thing Cisco just done. Cisco looked up and saw me. His head came up. He left the horses and came all the way over to the fence to me. He walked directly to me! He left the other horses to be with me.

Thank God, I had brought him his favorite treat. He came to me and got an apple. If there was a best time in the universe to reward a horse, this was it.

Cisco and I have an amazing bond! I am humbled to partner with this horse.

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