PostHeaderIcon Round Pen #1 with Lucky Star

Long long ago, I discovered that a round pen was a must-have when you wanted to train a horse. I put that round pen up far away from anything that would give me shade. Being young (in my late 40′s),I was out there in 90 degree heat with Sage, Velvet and the wild hackney ponies. I don’t how I survived that heat in the summer time.

Then the round pen became a corral backing up my barn while I traveled to stables with all the facilities, plus a covered, shady round pen.

The home round pen aged, as I did, and finally was fraught with rust. It didn’t have Aleve as I do, to get rid of that rust.

The round pen was taken down and is currently in use as a cow barrier somewhere in the near world.

Two rainy days ago, I have a new 60′ round pen with trees on the west and east side. I will have shade! It’s big enough to ride horses at a canter and just do about everything I need. Yee Haw! A new world starts.

Lucky Star, the horse of no, just had his first session in our new at-home round pen. Lucky has never had the at-home round pen and always felt , well,”lucky” about that situation.

Today Lucky Star is asking for sympathy from his horse friends! Oh what fun I had today chatting with the “horse of yes”! I was chatting in the shade, sitting on my very own blue barrel in the middle. Lucky Star might be planning on a rescue attempt from close friends!

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