PostHeaderIcon Audience for Cisco and I

I love an audience.  Cisco and I had an audience today during our riding time.  Cisco and I showed off just a little bit and our audience offered me $75 cash for him.  I told “the audience” that the bid was now up to $2000 cash.  Bob did not pull $2500 out of his pocket and hold it under Cisco’s head.  whew!  Cisco might have ate the money and then where would we be. Caitlyn is still the high bidder!

Cisco and I did our ground work in a 40′ pen.  Sadly when I started to ride him at speeds faster than a walk, Cisco started coughing.  It’s this darn horrid dry weather and dust.  I’ve started his allergy and sinus medicine again.

But the main thing is that we practiced on many things on our walking around the arena and the audience was very impressed.  Hopefully “our audience” will be in attendance tomorrow.

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