PostHeaderIcon Cisco Trailer Journey

Again I used the 22′ rope around his neck. We played the circling game with the concept of not pulling on the rope. These are simple things, but not easy. We have not yet accomplished circling at a trot with the rope loose in my hands. Until he can do this on the 22′ rope, perhaps doing it on the 45′ rope will either be easier or more difficult. Ha! This is what horsemanship is all about. Guessing, trying, breaking it down into pieces, trying, etc..
Next is trailer loading. He exploded out of the trailer maybe 10-15 times. Finally, his explosion slowed down enough to let me step into into the trailer and use my carrot stick to prevent him from turning. I stood next to his head and slightly quivering body. Finally he took a bit of the grain in the bucket. After a while, I had him back outmofmtheout trailer and unload just his back feet. He came in again and ate some grain. We unloaded his back legs about 4 times and finally his entire body. He was much more calm when we finished.

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