PostHeaderIcon Cisco Trailer Loading Story Continues-Level 4 Journey

Cisco is anchored to me. He runs along side of me. He is bonded to me. I thought today, Trailer loading at Liberty! Turns out, he is not anchored to me in the yard when it comes to trailer loading. Yes. He ran about 60 feet away from me.
I resorted to the halter and sent him into the trailer. No! I had moved the trailer and he had to step up higher to get in. So we had a trailer loading session. He didn’t explode when he got into the trailer, because he didn’t get in. It might have been all of a ten minute discussion and he loaded into the trailer, found the feed bucket and ate. I was able to get into the trailer with him and pet him. We practiced our backing out the back legs, load up and eat. We did this about four times. He is so much calmer backing out out of the trailer now.
The goal is 5% improvement every time. We are meeting our goal.

Riding was amazing, just amazing. I still have the bridle on, but I’m riding him using the neck rope and the carrot stick, We did walk to trot to canter transitions in the round pen. We rode around the forested pasture and checked the fence. Awesome day with the miracle that is Cisco!

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