PostHeaderIcon Lucky Star Recovery 10-23-15

It’s been nearly two weeks since I had to worry about Lucky Star and his ripped foot.  He went over a fence, but caught his back foot and tried to rip it apart.  There were weeks of constant worry from colic to him not getting up for two days.  I’ve now enjoyed two weeks of heaven not worrying about Lucky not making it.
I came home this afternoon to see him laying down in the far pasture.  hmmmm.  I got grain and rattled the stall bars to let all the horses know that grain was coming.  All horses came except Lucky.  I saw him raise up and then flop back down again.  It appeared that he was close to the fence.
OMG!  He’s got his feet caught in the fence.  A horse owner can always tell when something is not right.  I rushed into the garage to find the wire cutters.
Note to Self…store the wire cutters somewhere in plain sight.  Put them in a place where you know they are.  What do wire cutters look like, anyway.  I finally located three tools that appeared to be wire cutters.
Lucky was across the far pasture.
Oh wait.  I need a phone in my pocket.  I know I will need to call someone to help me.
Get the phone out of the car.
I’ll take the riding mower over.  It will be faster.
Finally, I get into the pasture and got over to Lucky Star.  He was no where near the fence.  He raised his head and looked at me.  I looked at him, his legs.  No blood…Nothing wrong.  My pulse calmed down from 1140 to 140 beats per minute.
I decided to mow some weedy spots while I was there and probably Lucky Star would get up.  Nope
I got closer to him with the mower.  He hopped right up.  He turned around.
Lucky Star cantered across the dam to the barn where the other horses had eaten all the grain by now.
HE CANTERED!  It wasn’t a pretty canter, but it was a canter!
Holy Moly!

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