PostHeaderIcon Target Game with Cisco – Level 4 Journey

On the ground I have two barrels and an upside down bucket placed around the round pen.  There are treats on top of these buckets.  Horse Treats.  Motivational behavior treats.

I stand with Cisco facing me, about 15 feet away from the horse treat object.  I raise my arm and point at the barrel.  I make various arm movements with both arms to get Cisco to travel to the object.  Eventually, he gets there through a combination of backing, going forward, moving his forequarters and hindquarters (not at the same time).  Finally, he stands with his head over the barrel.  The treat is right under his nose. He has no concept of touch the target game yet.  I come over and rattle the treat on the barrel.  Cisco lowers his head and discovers the treat.  We stand and marvel over how a treat could appear on top of a barrel.

We played the game with the two barrels and bucket about five more times.  He got the idea of following my arm directions.  Arm directions could mean a reward!

Cisco and I ended the session with me trying to run – nope – my pulled muscle objected to that.  We ended our session with Cisco running around and transitioning from trot to canter, trot, walk and stop.  Yee Haw today.

I told Cisco he was my best horse friend.  Lucky Star was waiting by the round pen gate.  He got a treat just for being alive with his bright chipmunk eyes.

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