PostHeaderIcon The Cisco Journey 11-9-11

Cisco after our ride

Cisco's reward for a great Riding session. Turn out in the yard!

Cisco gets bestest treatment after our riding session. He followed my feel when trotting outside around a small round pen. I was bouncing at the hard trot and managed to get my heel on him so he could know I wanted him to follow the rail instead of spurt to the other end of the arena.

This is such a difficult concept for Cisco and tough physically for me. We are no where near show-off stage. We are more like horrorific stage.

In between successes, we walked around the arena and practiced various lateral movements, i.e…sidepass, haunches in, banana bend and leg yield. We are getting better. We used the reins only somemofmthe time on these yields.

I set up our pattern to learn flying lead changes. We get to do flying lead changes while jumping something. Flying lead changes at Liberty would be a three year learning process if I didn’t get to use a jumping obstacle.

We did jump barrels today, but not at a canter. Cisco refused to jump over one barrel. It was easy for him to avoid. We did really really good jumping over two barrels. Cisco is so good at jumping now, he just steps his back legs over. These are the smaller barrels

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