PostHeaderIcon The Journey 11-4-15

The goal is 1% improvement every time. Here is the outstanding improvement for today. I was riding Cisco at this time.
Me-hands on the short rope that is fastened around Cisco’s neck. ( we call it a string”); Round Pen inside the arena; Task – travel around the outside; Cisco- follow my focus and feel, do not run to the other end of the arena.

We succeeded! You cannot imagine my thrill when Cisco cantered around the outside of the round pen. I was darn happy that he traveled around first at a walk, then the “trot” and ending with a canter. There is a place coming around the panels where he will chose to stay on the path or try to escape. Cisco followed my focus. He did this at three different speeds. I did not touch the reins.


Cisco is so beautiful!


Oh yes, between each of the three trips around the round pen panels, he came to an instant stop upon feeling my body “stop” cue and my verbal cue.

I’m so happy!

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