PostHeaderIcon Winter Time with Cisco


Last year I decided that forty degree winter riding would be just right for me. The year before, I pegged it at thirty degrees. I have not rode in twenty degree weather since, since…well, a long long time as I thought I was delicate.

Yep, totally insane I have gone. I rode Cisco this morning in about 24 degree weather and this afternoon again in the high twenties. Who am I?

This year is the year of the winter stall and indoor arena at Patterson Performance Horses stable not far from home. Cisco is safe, well cared for and surrounded by happy people. I get to clean his stall. That is even fun. I get to haul the manure out with my little cart that has a flat tire when it is loaded down with manure. I need to inflate that darn tire!

I cleaned his stall twice today. Cisco and I chatted. We played.

I froze this morning and didn’t thaw. My thighs remained frozen through lunch and sitting in my recliner at home with an electric blanket. Good Lordy. I went over in mid afternoon thinking I would just play with him on the ground to try and get warm. But darn it, there was the saddle just begging to be loaded on Cisco’s back. I cleaned his stall. We played on the ground and then I got on and rode. This just doesn’t happen unless I’m in a clinic or camping out at For the Horse Ranch. My thighs unfroze during the stall cleaning and ground play! I didn’t notice that I was frozen again till I got home. Hot showers thaw frozen thighs. I leave it at that.

Life is changing for me and this is good. I love arenas. I love riding in an arena. I love riding Cisco and playing with him.

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