PostHeaderIcon Cisco tries to Leave the Arena

The arena where Cisco expands a lot of energy has a sliding door with a larg opening leading to horse heaven. Go through the door of the arena into the barn aisle filled with horses in stalls, standing hay and feed tubs with yummy food. Cisco knows all this to be true because once he opened the door, pushed aside a light table and entered into horse heaven, He probably chatted with horses, then found the hay then followed up that with the grain in the tub. It was a short experience, but impressed our boy deeply and he will never forget.

So, Cisco and I are riding around the arena. We are zipping along. .Cisco tells me every time we come around the curve that contains the escape door to the horse heaven barn aisle, he want to visit. I tell him no with my leg aides and sometimes the reins are used to keep him on the track in the arena, which might not be though of as horse heaven.

So we are zipping along, swerving too much – getting closer to the exit door than I want. The exit door is also protected by a bunch of chairs where we watch others ride horses, or our trainer ride our horses. There a a goodly number of chairs plus a solid two step mounting block

I just not going to fight with Cisco over the turf battle. I’m going to let him go where he want to be. I still try to keep him apart from the end obstacles, but this is finally his turn to decide. We are up to speed limit,FAST, fox trot. We scream through the danger line and encounter the mounting block. BAM BOOM! Cisco’s feet strike the mounting block as we go flying by. I was reall glad that the mounting block slowed us down, but didn’t knock us down.

We went around the arena again and low and behold, Cisco,decides to make the turn into the middle of the arena. Seems like,he didn’t like running into the mounting block! He has learned his lesson. Give that end a mighty dose of extra room! He No longer thinks it is horse heaven!

Yee Haw say I silently!

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