PostHeaderIcon Naked Cisco Head!

Yep, today was the day that I started and finished riding Cisco bridleless. I have a friend that calls it naked. It means nothing was on Cisco’s head or in his mouth when I climbed aboard. I, however, had on pounds of winter clothes.

I did a darned clever thing, I had Cisco doing a lot of fast ground play. We practiced trotting in one direction for ten circles. Then we did ten circles the other direction. We rested and started cantering. Cantering at liberty in the round pen didn’t go well. I kept him at it, trying to get Cisco to maintain the canter. Bleh. Cisco went into a right brain mode where rational thought left. His left brain did not return until the canter exercise was over. I have to tone down my “ask” when he drops to a trot. He is very sensitive.

When I let Cisco cease the canter task, he was sweating and gasping for air. This is a perfect time to ride bridleless. Cisco just wants air. He won’t be tense or spooky. He will not run unless I beg him!

My plan was to ride him doing hambone exercise where he turns toward the wall, stops, backs and hindquarters turn back to walking on the rail again. We did this with about 80%success using the “learning accelerator” …i.e. Carrot Stick. We also did some point to point. We did this all at a walk so he would dry out. We also played point to point.

The barrels were in the arena mocking me. I mocked them back and had Cisco jump them. At last Cisco and I jumped the barrels bridleless! Next will be jumping at a trot and then, please keep me alive, at a canter!

I’ve discovered this consistent riding is just amazing for progress. Who knew consistent practice would actually work! I’m amazed. 1% improvement every day adds up fast.

We ar doing well on another liberty task…jump over the barrels with front legs,stand with barrels between front and back legs and side pass to me. We can do this about 80%”of the time. It is awesome sauce!

Also, I can get him to turn a 360 circle while walking in the round pen and then keep walking on the rail. It’s not pretty yet, but is amazing!
Video time coming!

Oh yes, today he pooped in the arena. After we got done riding, Cisco and I got the cart and poop bucket, brought it back into arena, picked up the poop and walked together out to the manure pile to dump. If he would have had opposing thumbs, he would have done all the work! This was the first time I ever had a horse help me with the entire manure chore!

Its exciting in the arena as well as being darn cold. Wretched weather!

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