PostHeaderIcon Mom, We need to have a talk…..

Where did these ribbons come from?  I've not been in a horse show for months.

Mom, these big ribbons cover my face and are annoying

Mom, Yes. They are huge ribbons. I’ve never seen such big ribbons either. But Mom. I”vet seen pictures of horses showing off their ribbons. Something is wrong here.

You are not to cover up half my face to show off my ribbons. You see that side view. My face is nearly all covered up. I don’t like it. I’m going to become annoyed soon.

Aren’t ribbons supposed to be hung on my rein and draped across my neck. Wouldn’t that make a much better picture? These ribbons are annoying. Please get rid of them. What would my gelding friends say if they saw me lookin’ like this!

If you get a better set of pictures, I’ll sign up for this wonderful ribbon winning again with the Pony Express Show Circuit. These are awesome ribbons!

See where the ribbons are so big, they dangle and flop around if I should move.

I love the big ribbons. I just would prefer that you mount them on my body in some manner so that half my face isn't blocked from view.

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