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City Dog is a Puggle. He is a very loyal dog and protects his humans. Last night, he protected me against thunder. If he is outside, he runs towards the thunder, barking. During our Fourth of July party, he protected the entire party attendees against all their firecrackers. That was the day that drove him crazy. He had no idea that we were causing the evil dangerous something.

But, I digress. City Dog is a loyal protector. We mowed the pasture today. The pasture has long grass with weeds. If I let the weeds grow free, the weeds cover the grass which is the source of most favorite horse food. Horses love to eat grass. When weeds come, the weeds also bring thistle. Thistle gets into the horse’s fore locks which cause horse owners to go crazy.

So you can see how important it is for City Dog to help mow the pasture. He tried to protect me from the evil wasps who thought they owned the horse pasture gate. He failed at that task. I”m not blaming him.
City Dog always stays near me, even with the big mowing machine that emits shredded grass through two powerful blades mounted underneath the mower. I love mowing. It makes me feel very very tough! I am out taking care of the land and the horses and making the land look really cool and the machine roars with power.

City Dog was with me as I was mowing somewhat close to the fence. Sadly, City Dog did not realize in time that his presence was in the path of the thrown shredded cut long grass and the fence would not let him escape.

Yep, the mower covered City Dog with grass. City Dog became a brown smudge covered with piles of newly cut pasture grass and weeds. I bet some of it went up his sensitive nose. But City Dog is a survivor, he shook it off and continued his protection.

We got done, put the beast away and slimed our way back to the house. I was covered with sweat and grass. He was covered with sweat no grass. By the time we had made it to the house, the grass had slicked off and he was back being pug/beagle brown again. When we entered the house, he ran to the water bowl. I ran for the water bottles and the shower.

This evening, we went out to fiddle with the horses. I was fiddling and hear a howl. Hmmmm, I’ve never heard City Dog howl. Can a dog with a pug throat howl? Maybe it’s a coyote eating City Dog, but there would have been snarls and yelling. Hmmmm. City Dog had disappeared. I went outside again and heard the howl much closer. Oh heck, it is an OWL hooting from a tree directly behind the house. For a moment I thought about the own swooping down to pick up City Dog….nay! I can barely pick up that dog. He is all muscle and probably weighs 40 lbs. He Is too big for an owl to pick up. I was in the house a few moments when City Dog demanded to come inside.

He has retired to his doggie bed and snoring softly. He provided a lot of energy today during his protection. He won’t be waking up very early in the morning tomorrow!


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