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PostHeaderIcon Parelli Adventure-Jenny & Nova / Tony & Powder

Pat Parelli invited the Vaught family to come and ride with him for an entire month this summer in Colorado.  All the extended family are thrilled that the Vaughts have this great opportunity.  This is just thrilling.

The 2013 Spring went by and the great adventure was thought about.  Finally, real plans were in the working and finally, the making!  They left near the end of July and the first day of riding with Pat started July 24th.  I am very blessed that Jenny and Tony decided to take Powder and Nova with them along with four other horses.  They have to compete in the Missouri Fox Trotter 2013 Celebration.  They have to be ridden.  Working with Pat Parelli coaching them on cow work is my version of an a staggering opportunity for my horses.

The six horses get to stay in a small pasture that contains meadow and mountain.  It’s a long way from the Vaught RV.  The whole family is going to get a 30 day high altititude  workout in their riding and fetching horses to and fro.  Pat is a workaholic and so are the Vaughts. When they return from Colordao, they will be so physically fit and able to jog a full marathon everyday, but why would they want to?

On the morning of  their second day, the Vaughts were headed out on a conditioning trail ride in the mountains.  Pat Parelli was up and about riding.  He asked if they would also gather the cattle..all 64 of them including three bulls.  How fun can it get!

Nova and Powder were part of the group.  Nova has been a little nervous about being on the trail, and now she gets to be on A TRAIL.  Nova led and followed on the mountain trail.  And, of course Tony has to break the trail riding rule.  He and Powder leave the group.  Nova got a little ancy when Powder left, but Jenny managed to convince her that she was safe.

Then the cow gathering was implemented.  They found nearly all the herd and started gathering them back to the ranch.  Nova was placed in position and away they ambled.  All the cows decided they didn’t want to amble back to the ranch.  Instead they decided to head off in the direction that Nova was guarding.  All the cows turned and started on a direct line to Nova.  Nova is experienced with ten or so cows, maybe as many as 15.  Sixty four cows heading straight at her made her think, ” I want out of here!”  She telegraphed her desire to Jenny.  Jenny is a horse whisperer and read Nova’s thoughts loud and clear.  In her horse whisper voice, she told Nova, “Nova, you can do this!  Just put your ears back and look fierce!”  Nova trusted Jenny.  She put her ears back, way back.  Her head was ready to snake and mouth ready to eat any cow that had the audacity to even think about coming her way.  The cows thought… ooooooh.  That horse is not to be fooled with.  Let’s head the way that she wants.  The cows resumed their slow amble to the ranch for a day of cow work.

That evening started cow play with Pat coaching the Vaughts.  First Nova and Jenny worked with the electric cow…the one that runs up and down the string.  Nova has played with this kind of cow all winter.  The idea is that’s it’s the horse’s idea to follow the cow.  The rider’s job is to provide help with the speed, not help with the reins/mouth.

Pat decided Jenny was doing too much with the reins, so he had her close her eyes.  Can you imagine riding your horse with your eyes closed?  Pat has done this for a long time.  He has people ride at all speeds with their eyes closed.  He says it really helps to improve your balance.

Jenny used to have us ride with our eyes closed in our group lessons.  We never went faster than a walk.  Much time has passed and I think she forgot that training lesson.  Well, she had a great opportunity to learn it again.  This winter, Pat had her ride one of his cutting horses when cutting cows.  We have a video of that.  The one where it looks like Jenny is jerking around in the saddle…  She really did have her eyes closed, riding a top cutting horse, while cutting a cow.  my thought is “EEeeek!”  But I digress

Pat had jenny ride Nova with her eyes closed, while Nova was cutting the electronic cow.  When he was happy with that, he had Nova and Jenny go into the cow herd.  Usually the rider focuses on the cow to be cut out from the herd.  But Pat always has a better idea.  His idea is to let the horse pick the cow!  Nova went into the herd, put her ears back and snaked her herd at certain cows that interested her. Then Nova got to follow that cow and cut them out of the herd.

Oh the fun. On Thursday morning, the Vaughts were planning on heading out on their conditioning trail ride with their new job of gathering the herd.


PostHeaderIcon What! A Self Assessment Task Checklist? NOoooooooo!

In a smug tone, I tell Jenny all I have to do to pass the Level 4 Free Style is bridleless flying lead changes which Cisco and I will be able to do because we can do them while jumping over a barrel. Jenny tells me that Cisco and I won’t need to use a barrel by the time we develop this skill. “You’ll not need to jump that high,” she sez.

Note: I was thinking that you, the reader, might believe barrel jumping means success at flying lead changes. Barrel jumping provides the horse with an opportunity to rearrange their leg footfall sequence. The rider’s focus, body position and knowledge are other requirements. I was obsessed with flying changes during the Parelli journey with Velvet and Sage. I bought one day old JR because he had the talent potential to do flying changes. Now I get to be obsessed all over again with the journey that Cisco and I are on.

Then she mentions the other tasks. There are no other tasks, I explain. I’ve been watching the level 4 auditions on You Tube. All we have to do is a pattern, flying changes and simple changes.

Jenny says, “There is a two page sheet where you have to check off tasks you’ve completed and you have to sign it.”

I’ve seen that sheet. It has the compulsory tasks. After watching the video submissions on You Tube, all I care about is the compulsory tasks. I examine the audition sheet that night. Hmmmm. It does say to do the self assessment chcklist. It does say to sign it. There is even a place for a signature. There are a bunch of tasks.

Oh cry! I check with my inner self. Inner self tells me that I cannot check the tasks as completed unless Cisco and I successfully perform the tasks. What if someone asks Cisco and I to do one of those tasks and we can’t do it? Also, my inner self tells me I can’t lie on the check list.

Well drat!

I’m now keeping a list of the tasks we successfully completed.

Jenny also stated that doing these tasks will help in our development towards flying lead changes.

Sigh… Oh the suffering on the best journey ever!

PostHeaderIcon Lucky Star and the Horse Show

Lucky Star did fantabulous at his first real horse show.  Some of my nightmare visions came true and other of my nightmare visions didn’t occur.  Overall, Lucky did great.

Lucky Turns it On

1.  When we got there, Lucky was tied up while I created the trail class obstacles.  He did fine.  I didn’t have any nightmares about this.

2.  Saddled him up and he did have some energy.  Thanfully, friend Hope was there with Chip.  So we rode in circles around Hope and Chip until Lucky was calm.  No nightmares about this part either.

3.  We then rode in the two arenas, practicing.  He was a little keyed up, but he ended up being very calm about everything.  no nightmare here

4.  We were the first contestant in the trail class.  Lucky went into the arena willingly and gave me all the impulsion I could have asked for.  My nightmare was that he would balk at the gate and not go in.  He did surprise me in the back thru the triangle barrels.  He got angry with me and put some speed in his backup.  In fact, he backed up out of the pattern.  This was the first time I’ve ever not been able to get him to stop or slow down!  amazing

5.  We won 2nd…amazing

6.  Opening Ceremony of the horse show.  I was asked to carry the club flag.  Well, Lucky has never carried a flag before, but he is calm and I have certainly prepared him for things zipping around over his head.  And he did it!  He carried the flag in following the horse and rider with the American flag.  We kept up with that horse, stood quietly for the National Anthem and followed the American flag horse out of the arena at the same speed.  Now that is a memory to cherish forever!

7.  Western Pleasure – went right in and did fine.  nightmare was that he would stop and balk

8.  Novice-  Went right in, balked at the gate and again when we stopped and reversed.  I got him going again before creating a problem for the other horses.  nightmare was balking, creating a problem for the other horses, being asked to leave the arena, except he still wouldn’t move.  So the nightmare was way worse than what really happened!

He gave his all on this class.  We scratched the next class and I took him home.  He was grateful to get home and drink water.  The facility had a water problem and there was no water to fill a bucket.

I decided that Lucky should go into full time training before the World Show at Ava.  Lucky is currently at For the Horse Ranch and being trained by Jennifer Vaught.  My nightmare of balking at the World Show is abating.

PostHeaderIcon 2013 Celebration High Point and World Grand Champion Winners


Youth Versatility:

Pleasure & Speed High Point: Toddy’s Velvet Perfection; Nichole Copple for Susan & Terry Engle, Pleasant Hill Mo

Working Horse High Point
: Co-High points
Toddy’s Velvet Perfection, Nichole Copple for Susan & Terry Engle, Pleasant Hill MO
Nathan’s Ovation, Caitlyn Vaught for Susan & Terry Engle, Pleasant Hill MO

Youth Versatility World Grand Champion
Toddy’s Velvet Perfection, Nichole Copple, Fair Play Mo for Susan & Terry Engle, Pleasant Hill Mo
Youth Versatility Reserve Wold Grand Champion Playboy’s Lookie Here Now, McKenna Flory, Wallsburg UT for Stephen’s Foxtrotters, Wallsburg UT
3. Nathan’s Ovation, Caitlyn Vaught, Fair Play MO for Susan & Terry Engle, Pleasant Hill Mo
4. The Kansas Kowboy D., Issabella Brandreth, Canton GA for John & Samantha Brandreth, Canton GA
5. Cash’s Ashley Renee, Johanna Merk, Bavaria Germany for Harry Patterson, Wichita Falls TX

Amateur Versatility:

Pleasure High Point- Co High Points- New York City Slicker, Gertrud Merk, Bavaria Germany for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO
Sunrise Temptation W, Susan Breau for Susan Breau, Peculiar MO

Speed High Point-
Ferrari’s Red Ruby, Montye Mickelson for Montye Mickelson, Kissee Mills MO

Working Horse High Point
- Co-High Points- New York City Slicker, Gertrud Merk, Bavaria Germany for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO
JJ’s Sweet Dream, Nadaja Mayer, Stutensee Germany for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO

Amateur Versatility World Grand Champion
New York City Slicker, Gertrud Merk, Bavaria Germany for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO
Reserve Amateur World Grand Champion- JJ’s Sweet Dream, Nadaja Mayer, Stutensee Germany for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO
3.Gold Digger’s Dusty Son, Lynne Burger for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO
4. Dollar’s Platinyum Plus, Alexis Zastoupil for Linda Shaddy, Grovespring MO & Carilee McNeil, Fair Grove MO
5. Ferrari’s Ruby Red, Montye Mickelson for Montye Mickelson, Kissee Mills MO

Open Versatility:

Pleasure & Speed High Point- Stroker’s Pepper Shaker, Janlyn White, Wallsburg UT ofr Stephen’s Foxtrotters, Wallsburg UT

Working Horse High Point
- Nathan’s Ovation, Jennifer Vaught, Fair Play MO for Susan Engle, Pleasant Hill MO

Open Versatility World Grand Champion
- Nathan’s Ovation, Jennifer Vaught, Fair Play MO for Susan Engle, Pleasant Hill MO
Reserve World Grand Champion- Stroker’s Pepper Shaker, Janalyn White, Wallsburg UT for Stephen’s Foxtrotters, Wallsburg UT
3. A Thrill A Minute, Sally Scott for Sally Scott, Rogersville MO
4. Arizona’s Outlaw MR, Julie Moore, Rogersville MO for Lothar Rowe, Scottsdale AZ
5. Arizona’s Outlaw Kachina MR, Julia Schaefer, Graben-Neudorf Germany for Lothar Rowe Scottsdale AZ

Amateur Ranch Horse World Grand Champion
Toddy’s Velvet Perfection, Nichole Vaught, Fair Play  for Susan & Terry Engle, Pleasant Hill MO
Reserve Amateur Ranch Horse World Grand Champion Attu, Caitlyn Vaught for Caitlyn Vaught, Fair Play MO
3. JJ’s Sweet Dream, Nadja Mayer, Stutensee Germany for Waland & Lynne Burger, Stockton MO
4. Baron’s Gold Dolly, Lexi Farrar, Liberty Hill TX for Kirsten Klindworth, Liberty Hill TX
5. Queenie Rose, Ty Fergeson, Liberty Hill TX for Kirsten Klindworth, Liberty Hill TX

Open Ranch Horse World Grand Champion
Nathan’s Ovation, Jennifer Vaught Fair Play Mo for Susan Engle, Pleasant Hill MO
Reserve Open Ranch Horse World Grand Champion A Thrill A Minute, Sally Scott for Sally Scott, Rogersville MO
3. JJ’s Platinum Champagne Doll, Tony Vaught Fair Play Mo for Susan Engle, Pleasant Hill MO
4. Stroker’s Pepper Shaker, Janalyn White Wallsburg UT for Stephen’s Foxtrotters, Wallsburg UT
5. He Is Bodacious, Brad Flora, Koshkonong MO for Tina Stumpf, Columbia IL

PostHeaderIcon Ava-Day One a Huge Success

Day one, Showmanship started the day off right!  Jenny and Nichole won the open and youth showmanship classes!  Nova and Velvet were in show horse success mode.

Tony and Powder joined in the next events and the ribbon sunumi started.  The Vaught family flooded me with ribbons.  Blue was the main color.  In the youth events, Nichole and Velvet mostly won the blue ribbon followed by  sister Caitlyn riding Attu.  In the open events Jenny got most of the blue ribbons with Powder and Tony getting many second place ribbons and a few third place ribbons.

I have this great chair with the shade top.  Today, it became the ribbon chair.  At the end of the day, it was also the garland chair.  Jenny and Nova won the Open Versatility Garland and Nichole and Velvet won the Youth Versatility Garland.

Pictures are on Facebook . At the moment, I can’t upload pictures here.  Later…

We had friends show in the various events.  Susan Breau showed in Western Pleasure and won the class.  She was so excited and so happy to get that win.  Before the class, she was bubbling over with excitement and nerves.  She has also lost weight this winter and looked stunning in her show clothes with her shining happiness bubbling all over us!

Hope Kahout has to be the best dressed Western Pleasure rider ever.  I will post her picture and you can vote for Hope as most wondrous.  She rides a dark gold palomino and wore a turquoise outfit.  Boy Howdy.  Hope placed in the class and was a happy versatility evener!

Powder looked great in her new bridle.  Last year her whiteness faded out her face.  She needed a bling black bridle so we would see her beautiful green gold eyes with the black makeup.  Oh she is stunning, especially with her cowboy rider dressed in a dark red shirt.  It took a lot of finesse to get the cowboy rider to accept a bling bridle.  Whew  Powder is coming along looking improved over her three year old first season.  Powder is four years old and is in the beginning of her illustrious show career.

Strolling around the versatility arena, I was asked if I “bought” all those ribbons.  ”Yes, I did in the entry fees!” I said!  Another person asked me if I was sorry to be winning all the blue ribbons.  I replied, “No Way!  I’m happy that my horses are winning all those blue ribbons!”

I love the people in the versatility arena.  They aren’t just people, they are my family twice a year.

Tomorrow is Ranch Horse Day.  All three of my horses are entered in every event.  There is only open Ranch Horse classes. This means that Nichole and Caitlyn are competing along with the adults.  I predict that Nichole and Caitlyn will place higher in some classes than some of the adult riders.  I’m glad not to be competing against Nichole and Caitlyn!

Report tomorrow.  Pictures on Facebook.  Rain missed us all day and hit us right before the horse show this evening. But as I look out McDonald’s window, the skies are blue.  Happy to be dry riders are riding in the performance arena right now and the versatility people are watching and thinking about hitting the mattress!


PostHeaderIcon Ava Pre-Day

Two hundred miles flew by and I entered the time zone known as Ava!  The golf cart guy met me at the entrance.  I found Nova, Powder and Velvet and the Vaught family.  Life is good.  I beat a lot of people here.  There are still parking spaces available if you want to run on down to Ava!

We had fun times at the office getting everyone signed up and ready to go tomorrow.  Everything went smooth as silk.  Everyone has numbers and even better, safety pins to attach the numbers to the saddle pads.  I chatted with everyone in the office.  They all were excited to see me and vice versa!  ha

I got Powder a duplicate set of registration papers as I misplaced her original papers.  I tell you this so that you will be as astonished as I was to receive a duplicate registration certificate for her with a solid gold seal.  I tried to buy a few more duplicate registrations, but it’s not allowed.  $20 for a gold seal is darn amazing!

We watched Caitlyn and Izzy riding in the Kid’s Day trail class with expert coaching from Steve Atkinson, a handsome young guy wonderful horse trainer, who never ages.  Ann Compton came strolling by with some serious fox trotter bling.  Ann is a young blond with bling.  She is covering the Kid’s Day.  Look for the Online Newsletter to see some of her pictures and stories about the day.  I do have a complaint about Kid’s Day.  The kids all got tie dye fox trotter T Shirts.  And my complaint is…where is my tie dye T Shirt?  Kid’s only, drat it.

We took a break and dispersed.  I went on my daily run to WalMart and my annual drive around town to see what is new.  Currently I’m sitting in the wonderful True Brew Coffee and Sandwiche Show.  It’s wonderful in here.  I’m having tea and a scone.  I have WiFi.  It’s better than McDonalds where I normally hang out to publish the news of the show!

Tomorrow is a full day of every versatility class you can think of.  We have Open and Youth events tomorrow. Everyone shows in something tomorrow!  It’s going to be a long day.  Some of the day might have some moisture coming from the clouds.  Hopefully it waits until we are done.

True Brew is open from 6:00-6:00 and to 8:00 on weekends.

Gotta run!  Gotta find everyone and watch everyone practicing to get ready for tomorrow!

Oh, and another thing….  the book, Susan FoxTrotter is on sale at the Fox Trotter Shop.  Buy a copy there, find me and get your book autographed if you are on the grounds tomorrow and Thursday.

PostHeaderIcon Miss America under Saddle!



Here they are: Jennifer Vaught and Miss America! I bet Jenny had no idea about meeting Miss America! Just shows you that “stuff happens”!

Day One of a week of natural horsemanship training for the horse that came knocking on my door!


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