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PostHeaderIcon GRAND SLAM JAM!

A group of us showed at the Missouri Fox Trotter World Show this past week. We are all students of Parelli and study with Tony and Jenny Vaught of
“For the Horse” Ranch.
We are Hope Kahout, Mindy B.(I have forgotten how to spell her last name),
Nichole Vaught, Caitlyn Vaught.  We won 19 World Champion Ribbons!

Nichole and Velvet won 13 World Champion competitions and were awarded World Grand Champion Youth Ranch Horse and World Grand Champion Youth Versatility.

That’s Jenny holding the sign. Tony was missing when we got together for this picture.

Nova and I won two world champion competitions and some other places. Nova and I were awarded World Grand Champion Novice Versatility.

Mindy and Caitlyn won the Amatuer and Youth World Grand Champion awards.

We were awarded our reserve and World Grand Champion presentations on Saturday night in front of the crowd that came to see the World Grand Champion performance   horse competitions. They got to see a lot of us Versatility people too!

Nichole and Velvet were presented with TWO GARLANDS! Nichole got to ride Velvet around the arena twice – with each garland.  Nichole got two belt buckles and two horse head statues -gorgeous. They didn’t have a buckle for Novice World Grand Champion, so Nichole gave me one of her belt buckles. Blue ribbon winners also got a nice statue of a fox trotter horse. Nichole could not carry all her 13 boxes at the same time. She needs a trophy room.

Here’s Nichole and Velvet?during an event during the Ranch Horse competition.\

I’d like to point out that my horses, Velvet and Nova,?won a total of 15 World
Championships and three World Grand Champion awards. I follow the way of natural
horsemanship via the Pat Parelli methods!? Look at how it can turn out!!!

Here’s Nova and I practicing.

Here’s Jenny on the horse that I wrote many stories about in the 8 years I owned him (JR). Jenny got 5th in Open Ranch Horse and 3rd in Open Versatility\

Here’s Tony on Diva – I gave him Diva to start for me and he fell in love with
her.? She has been sold and Tony is her trainer.\


PostHeaderIcon JR’s Journal – Susan’s Big Blank Duh Look

JR and I were in a combined L2 and L3 clinic today doing just lovely.

We do have a horse in the clinic that tends to get upset when another horse
comes near him or touches him. I knew that from being in an earlier clinic
with him…but I got too close.

All of sudden we heard the squeal, the back up to kick, only we were too
close. The horse whirled and then the head snaked at us. Ears pinned and
teeth barred. The horse went in for the big bite and back up.
In a few hours after the dust settled, maybe in real time it was a
millisecond, I saw that the horse had my reins in his mouth. He was pulling
on my reins.

I sat there with a dumbfounded look on my face. DUH! After a few more
hours which might have been millisecond #2, the other rider slapped her horse with her mecate and he dropped the rein.

JR and I went running to JENNY! Jenny told me that when things go bad like
that, get off the horse! You have no idea what is going to happen…and
anything could happen. My best bet would have been to quickly get off.

I made my face go DUH again with a big blank look so everyone could see what a quick thinker I had been when danger started.

A lesson learned.

Why does this horse do this? It’s not because he is dominant and hates other
horses. It’s because he’s scared of other horses and puts on this great act,
so no one will know it.

During the rest of the clinic, we worked on those fears. First, we put him
near other horses and when he snaked his head and started after a horse, he
got to canter for a long time. He got to do flying lead changes. It took
two times before he settled down in a group of horses.

Next, some of the riders with a treat in their pocket came over and fed him.
Wow…that was a great surprise for him.

Lastly, we stood next to him and petted him with a carrot stick. His whole
attitude had drastically changed when the clinic was over. Not to say that
he was cured…but Jenny gave the owner some things to do at home to further work on this.

whew..Ok, here it is again…The big Blank look with open mouth…Duh


Those normal people of us from the Midwest know better than to have
anything to do with Nebraska in the winter. Why the whole place gets
cold and snow and closes down for the winter.

When I heard that a Nebraska person wanted to have a clinic in the
winter, I said, “A clinic in Nebraska in the winter? Why that’s
crazy!”   So, a winter clinic was scheduled. Of course it’s my job to
go to all clinics with Jenny so that she can have someone carry stuff
around, get auditors to participate in the warm up morning sessions,
jaw around with people and take charge of the beach balls. It’s an
important job that I do, and I take it very seriously.

So…I just assumed this must be a heated arena since no one in their
right mind would schedule a clinic in Nebraska in the winter!

WRONG…we had a little tiny restroom off the arena that had a
baseboard heater. That’s it!!!!!!!!!!! This was a two day clinic.
It snowed part of the time we were there. Occasionally, it got

Guess what..The clinic was full!…There were AUDITORS! AUDITORS who
sat there for two days in the 24-26 degree heat! I kept warm only by
moving and wore 25 lbs of clothes. With all my clothes on, I was
almost as big as the restroom! I looked like a winter Pillsbury
dough boy. My arms stuck out about 10″ from my body.

The riders had a great time. I love the moment when they all realize
that they are going to ride their horses with one rein and the halter!

No wrecks…everything went just great! We had a fine time. Jenny
had a L1 assessment and an hour lesson after the clinic was over on
Saturday. We froze to death during that time.

Then we had to eat.  At the restaurant, I was trying to stay awake while I was eating.  A Nebraska person was eating with us.  They caught my eyes flipping up and back..zoning out. By the time we got back to the hotel, we all felt like a Mack truck had run over us several time.

It took me two days to thaw out when I finally reached home!

Susan, reporting in from the clinic journey!