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PostHeaderIcon Friday thru Monday Happiness

Just singing my happiness living my life with horses.

Friday was wonderful.  Powder came home from her 30 days of training with Tony and Jennifer Vaught.  It was good to have her back in the pasture again.  Powder and Velvet had never met.  Powder didn’t move fast enough to suit Velvet, so Powder lost some hair. She’s very aware of Velvet now.

Friday was lesson night.  I have my winter goals for  with Nova. 

  • We are to trail walk with head down until she is really relaxed.  You remember that picture of the Indian sitting on his paint horse. The horse has his head down and it’s titled The End of the Trail.  That’s the general idea except we are to do it at a slow walk.
  • We are to always work on flying lead changes and just regular lead changes
  • We are to work on our reining horse spins
  • We are to do a real trot where I have to post.  Nova’s fox trot is now so developed that I have a difficult time getting her to do a square two beat trot
  • We are to do collected canter departs which is the opposite of strung out canter departs.

I was going to talk about riding both Velvet and Nova out on the trail on Sunday.  That was heaven!

I was going to talk about taking Powder to Pine Dell this Monday night and playing with her.  I was blown away by her liberty trotting task and how she maintains the gait. There was no squirty speeding up, no tails up snorting. She just trotted around the round pen.  We went places in the dark, thru a narrow barn door, crossing a bridge while looking for the round pen light.  We started out in the big arena with two horses cantering around us.

Powder was as calm as could be.  I love this horse!

I love them all!!

I was going to go on and on, but Pawn Shop Stars is ready to start.  I must watch that show!

PostHeaderIcon Powder’s Progress – Development Pending

Sunday, Powder will be headed to “For the Horse” Ranch to enjoy 30 days of training with Jennifer Vaught

Jenny was a Parelli 3 Star instructor for 15 years.  Pat found Jenny near the beginning of the development of the Parelli people training system and asked her to be an instructor. She has influenced untold numbers of people in the midwest.  She has influenced my life a great deal!

Jenny has taken two Horse Development courses with Pat Parelli and Pat’s mentor Ronnie Willus and was certified as a Young Horse developer.

Jenny is the secret to all my successes with horses. She’s started all my horses.  I can’t imagine what I would do with a young horse without Jenny being in my life.

Powder will be the fifth horse for me to develop into a finished saddle horse.  I can’t imagine developing a horse without that crucial start from a  Parelli certified “Colt Starter” and one who has started thousands of horses…..including Sage, Velvet, JR, Nova and soon Powder!

Powder has the potential to be the best of them all!

Jenny and Tony are going to be wintering in Florida for 2010.  They are taking in training horses.  They will be about an hour south of Orlando. Contact them if you are interested.

PostHeaderIcon Powder’s Progress – Take a Giant Step

Powder - Winter

Surprise!  I asked Jennifer Vaught if she might want to train Powder for 30 days and the answer is YES!

We’re talking mid October thru Mid November.  I’ve also just about talked Jenny into blogging about training Powder. Wouldn’t that be something!

I think everyone should send Jenny an email and tell her how excited you would be to read a blog about Jenny’s thoughts during 30 days of training.  What does she hope to accomplish in the daily sessions? What happens during Powder’s training.  When does the first ride happen?  How far will Jenny and Powder get in 30 days! Just think about a diary of training one of JJ’s daughter!

Send that email now!

For the Horse Ranch
Vaught Family General Store and Information

PostHeaderIcon Powder’s Progress – Two Years Old Today!


Powder - October 2008

She was born two years ago.  Her birthday is today!  But hold on! She’s going to be two again in 2011…for showing purposes!  Powder is two, she’ll have two birthdays.   Isn’t that two cool!

Powder was born in October and the rule is…Oct. thru December babies are deemed to attain their age in the following year.

In this past few weeks, I’m determined that Powder will have the best horse development ever.  I’ve been playing with her at home and taking her to Pine Dell.

Taking Powder to Pine Dell is totally cool. We have to get into the trailer.  At Pine Dell, we have two indoor arenas and two outdoor arenas in which to play. We also have a covered round pen.  Life is good for us.

A couple of days ago, I decided that we would play in the small outdoor arena by the road. We don’t have a busy road at home.  But next to the smaller outdoor arena, cars and trucks and bigger trucks zip up and down that road.  We even had a motorcycle zip by and put on the big ZZZZZZZooom for us.  You know that big load snort horses have for big danger warning?   I’d forgotten about that snort until it went off in my ear.  Powder did the Big Exhale Snort right into my ear.  It made me yell.  Ouch

Tonight we played in the small arena.  There were little sounds in the rafters…like little feet pattering above Powder’s body. SNORT!!!  Whoo WEE!

Later we had another horse come into the arena.  He was having some fun on his lunge line..bucking and carrying on.  Then we had the rumble snorting from Powder.  I got to see Powder with her tail straight up running around for a while.  But when she hit the end of the rope, she softened and came right back into softness.  Love that horse!

After we get done with all these new experiences…maybe this could be called seasoning, we have to get back into the trailer.  This isn’t our favorite thing in the world. Tonight we had horses all over the place and a tractor.  Powder got in the trailer and ran out several times.  We waited until she was semi calm in the trailer before I threw the lead rope over her back and let her stay in.

It’s a short ride home..perfect for trailer “seasoning”.  She was really upset when we got home.  I opened the door. She came out with her front feet and started eating grass.  Her back feet were forgotten as they stayed in the trailer for a time.  Yep, the trailer is a big deal!

Powder - October 2010
Powder- October 2010
12′ lead rope around her neck
22′ rope is how we play!

PostHeaderIcon Powder’s Progress- Phases of Pressure

Fairy Tale Filly

Here’s my terrible confession.  I am writing this blog just to publish some recent pictures of Powder. Don’t worry, I have more from this great Sunday Fall afternoon.  You’ll get to see all of them, eventually.

Here’s our self protrait.

Self Portrait

It’s my blog.  I can do whatever I want!  See how my eyebrows match her hair.  If I want, I can have half my hair match Powder, but I would never admit that to anyone!  Let’s just leave it at my eyebrows for now.  I love it when my horse and I match!

Powder and I are heavy into training now.  It occured to me to think about the phases of pressure that I use to ask her to do things.  Occasionally, my pressure phase has to get a little high to convince her to do these things. The thinking is that you use enough pressure to get the slightest movement and “the release” from pressure is what teaches.  When the pressure gets too high, Powder thinks about kicking me.  She will go right up into a high pressure phase when it suites her.  Her first pressure is the movement of her head, the next is ears back and then immediately her highest pressure is a swift kick.  These phases happen in about 3 seconds.

My job is to try not to go there and if it does happen, not to be there!

PostHeaderIcon Powder’s Progress- Liberty Game

Powder Leading the Liberty Herd

It’s a game we love to play. We turn the horses loose in the arena and wait for them to want to come back to us. The rules for the horses are trot or canter, maintain the same direction and don’t cut thru the middle.That last rule is important because that’s where the humans stand.  Tony called her “sassy”!  Sassy she was indeedy.  In the above picture, her goal was to be the leading horse. She cut the corner to pass Spike and JR.

Not only did Powder cut thru the middle and change direction, but she bluffed me out as well.  My “suggestion” that she change direction was met with total ignore.  It was a game of chicken and I stepped out of her way.

We did three horses at a time in the liberty game and Powder was lucky to get two geldings.  She got JR, who has long learned the rules of the game and Spike who was new to the game, but decided to follow JR.

Powder in the Game!

Powder’s game was to become the leader of the herd!  She broke all the rules to do it too! In the above picture, she is breaking the “go the same direction” rule. She’s out to have a meaningful meeting with JR!

Herd Control!

Powder’s job is to control the herd.  Making them back off and even stop is her desire.  JR got a little to close to Powder and she’s in the process of letting him know!

Powder had a great time at this game and was revved up for quite a while after the game wanting to do it again!

Powder Leading the Herd!

We all suggested that this might be the opportunity to have Tony ride Powder, but he graciously declined.

At the end, JR came into Lynne.  I looked at Powder and gestured her to come to me…and she did. Spike ran around a bit longer and Powder stayed with me for quite a while. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and went out to lead Spike around the arena a few more time.  When Spike decided the best place for him was with his human, Powder came right back to me.

What a glorius game it is when your horse comes to you at liberty.  Liberty is the Truth.