Jim and Kathie Woodward
  DeLeon Springs, Florida
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Medicine Man's Chaparral
is a 6 year old registered Missouri Fox Trotter palomino gelding (15.1 hands) who was born and raised on our farm from our own registered breeding stock. (Sire:  Boogie D's Medicine Man   Dam:  Jolie Blonde --  a Southern Playboy mare).   He has nice smooth gaits.  He prefers to flat walk and running walk and does a smooth fox trot.  Chaparral has had some professional training.  Is now being trail ridden.  Chaparral has a very sweet personality and loves to be around people.  He loads, clips, is good with farrier and vets, has been worked on some obstacles, stands for mounting, stands well for bathing and grooming  Chaparral is quite friendly, very gentle, and loves attention. He's well built and has a pretty head and soft eyes.  His summer coat is a bright gold.  His winter coat is a lighter color.  Ideal for an intermediate rider.



by Woodward Foxtrotter Farm