Promoting the Missouri Foxtrotter in the Greater Kansas City Area

Trail Rides

Trail Riding your Foxtrotter

Many KCRFTHA members are active trail riders. Bred for the rugged terrain of the Missouri Ozarks, the Missouri Foxtrotter is extremely surefooted and their easy disposition makes them an ideal horse for the trail rider. Their trademark foxtrot gait is smooth and allows the horse to cover a lot of miles. This gait is easy on both the horse and the rider.

Do you enjoy trail riding? Our trail rides are open to any breed, please come and join us on the trail! 

 Remember to bring extra water and lawn chairs to the rides.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mary Powers, KCRFTHA Trail Committee Board Representative 816-835-1521 or

2016 Trail Ride Schedule      Trail Awards Program

Trail Etiquette


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