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ďDue to my limited time and deadlines some of my offspring have not received the time and attention that was required for the show ring. Some may still be in training and some may just become trail horses due to my lack of time, not their ability! Some of these have already hit the show ring and are now my trail riding horses and leisure show horsesí . They still reside here at Her Place so hereís their page!!Ē

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He's My Rock

Sire:  HTRís Rock Ní Roller  
Dam: The Legendís First Lady 

Sex: Stallion
Color: Sorrel with star, both rear socks and flazen mane and tail.
Date of Birth: 




James Dean

Sire:  HTRís Rock Ní Roller  
Dam: Hell Bent N Glory Bound

Sex: Stallion
Color: Chestnut with star
Date of Birth: 


Our Bama Breeze

Sire:  It's My Time
Dam: Playboyís Southern Breeze 

Sex: Filly
Color: Sorrel with star connecting to snip, flaxen mane and tail.
Date of Birth: 


Everything's Rosie aka Rose

Sire: Itís My Time
Dam: Rock-N-Rosie-T.

Sex: Mare
Color:Black with star and left rear sock.   
Date of Birth: 06/04/07 

I had always wanted to cross these two and when finally given the opportunity Rose was the outcome. Rose is a beautiful black filly with a huge way of going. Rose is a half sister to Vindictive and Rock-N-Tazzy-T. Rose has bloodlines and talent galore. She will be one that requires lots of wet saddle pads to get all her gears together! Iím hoping to get enough time in on her to show her this year as a three year old, even after I missed the three year old futurity deadline. Sheís got a sweet, very laid back personality, with looks and style. Sheís a personal project; I just hope she makes the runway! 


Watch Out World (WOW)

Sire: Itís My Time
Dam: Loud and Proud

Sex: Stallion
Color: Black and white overo  
Date of Birth: 08/09/10


Almighty Me -- aka Al

Sire: Jazz-Mi-Tazz
Dam: The Legendís First Lady

Sex: stallion
Color: bay
Born: 04/05/05

Al is the first offspring of The Legendís First Lady. His sire is Jazz-Mi-Tazz who now resides in Washington at Stilly River Foxtrotters. Al is a little guy with the biggest heart! Truly a charmer in his very own way! I showed Al in the 2008 Three Year Old Futurity and he did quite well for only standing at 13í2Ē! Itís quite difficult to compete against those doing one lap to your two or three! Al has been rode on trail rides and in the performance ring. Heís been a kidís mount, even though he is still a stallion, for the past year. It was never a surprise to see him coming around the ring at a foxtrot or even the cutest little lope! Iím undecided on what Iím going to do with Al at this time. He will definitely make a couple of trail rides this summer and possibly a show. He has all the qualities to be in the show ring, just we lack the size, so maybe we will look towards versatility classes. Al is double registered MFTHBA and MFTPA. I am offering Al to the public as a breeding horse and as sad I say this also as a new family member for another or the right home. Many have inquired about him for a kidís gaited pony and he definitely would enjoy it. I just would like to see what he can do in the pony association first. Although I find that I have plenty on my plate and plenty of irons in the fire!


Loud and Proud

Sire: Criminal Action
Dam: Masterpiece Mare

Sex: Mare
Color: Black roan with blaze and hind stocking
Date of Birth:  

LP is the only horse that resides here at Her Place that is not a fox trotter; she is a Tennessee Walking Horse. She is the last of my walking horses after I lost her sire Criminal Action, more so known as Spot, to colic after surgery at MU in Columbia, Missouri. LP was born during the Annual Show and Celebration and my mom delivered her in our absence. I had intended to have her started and see if she would as well have a show career like that of her sire, but due to numerous injuries I just broke her out for a riding horse. LP is just pretty much a pasture ornament that lets her presence be known to all!