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Itís My Time Ė aka My Time  #99-62199     View Offspring


Born: 06/10/1999
Color: Black stallion with star connecting strip to snip and all four socks.

Sire: The Legendís Prime Time
Dam: Southern Belle D.

My Time is my little black stallion with some added chrome, just to my taste! My Time is a miracle himself as just to be here in more than one way! His mother broke her leg when she was 8 years old while in foal carrying Belleís Miss Nicki. The veterinarianís recommendation was to put her down, but we just couldnít. Five casts, a filly (Belleís Miss Nicki), a buckskin stud colt (Heíll B Entertainment) then finally along came My Time. He came along with his easy going way, extremely laid back disposition, looks and all the potential in the world. All until he decided the pretty little spotted mare across the paneled lot was extremely attractive. My Time was found hanging from the panels in which he had become hung in after attempting to breed the mare on the other side. Thus was the end of his possible show ring career, for performance at least. In 2004 Linda Shaddy lead My Time to a Reserve Model Champion and then took third in the championship class. So heís just fortunate to be here.

My Time has always been a favorite of mine and with the offspring he has produced heís made his own place here. His colts have all exhibited lots of gait and a loose style of their own. Shiner will be the first offspring that I will get to prepare for the show ring. Knowing My Timeís parents (I personally showed both of them) he should produce colts with exaggerated shake and animation, along with stride and gait, correct conformation and ďchromeĒ! So far he has produced deep dark blood bays out of sorrel, black and gray mares and Shiner (white with Medicine Hat) out of Glory B (sorrel roan). Iím waiting to see what color he produces out of palomino mares. (Punkin and My Time due in June.) If his parents donít say enough you just need to spend a little time around him and heíll tug at your heartstrings.

The Devil In Disguise

Sire: Missouriís Outlaw C.
Dam: The Legendís First Lady

Sex: Stallion
Color: Sorrel with star
Born: 03/10/06

ďDĒ has clydesdale shoes to fill if he wants to follow in either parents hoof steps, too bad his owner didnít have the time to see him thru! His dam is The Legendís First Lady and his sire is The Outlaw! He is one of the last offspring out of Outlaw and he looks just like his sire. He has ability, style, temperament, shake and gait to make the show ring. D was very close to being ready for the 2009 three year old futurity and I got sent out of town with work just prior to the show. With just a little more time D will be set in his walk and foxtrot, but by missing the three year old futurity a canter will be required for open classes. Donít be surprised to see him slide into a ladies or amateur class here in the near future. Then maybe later we will try the three gait classes. Time will be the only factor with this little man. Time will tellÖ


Rock Em


Sex: Stallion