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Working with Fox Trotters -- Lee Ziegler
What To Look For In A Foxtrotting Horse -- Rick Watson

What are Fox Trotting Horses -- Rick Watson
     What Makes a Horse Gaited?
     The Fox Trot
     The Walk
     The Canter
     Conformation of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse 

Foxtrotters from the Past
     Old Fox -- Janet Esther
     Ozark Golden King -- Janet Esther
     Zane Grey -- Dale Esther

-- Gaits of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse
Shipped Semen -- Horseman's Marketplace Magazine, Nov. 1997
Trail Riding Safety -- Jim Antley
Help from the Farrier -- Chris Gregory, MS, CJF, FWCF

National Association of Breeders
Sho-Me Horse Show Association

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