PostHeaderIcon Velvet at Equitana – TV STAR – III

This demonstration was held in an arena that was too small for the Savvy Team and there were not enough seats for the crowd. Lots of people had to stand and couldn’t see very well. 

The exciting thing was that Horse TV was filming this Savvy Demonstration. Hopefully you will all be able to see Velvet on DISH TV, which shows channel 9409, and Horse TV.

Even though the arena was too small to handle 9 horses doing their thing, they went in anyway. Since each horse is tightly focused on their owner, all the instructors managed to do the magic things that wowed the crowd. 

Then Pat did some talking and demonstrations with his black stallion. After that, each instructor or instructor team went into the arena with an introduction.

Pat said that he asked the “married couple” to put together something nice. He introduced Jenny and Tony as they came into the arena and their horses…Missouri Fox Trotter and Quarter horse. So, Horse TV got to focus on two horses for the length of one song. Jenny was shocked when the song was over and told me that they had done only half the stuff they had planned…but oh well…There was that Fox Trotter on HORSE TV!!!!

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