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PostHeaderIcon Velvet – Practicing for Reining at Celebration

Today in a restaurant, I was playing with my little metal toy horsie. I was
running the reining pattern on my table. You know how people stare at you
when you aren’t looking and then you look at them and try to catch them.

Well, I didn’t try to catch them staring. I imagine they thought I was a
50-70 IQ person playing with my horsie!

I’m carrying my metal horsie where ever I go. When I have a chance, I run
the reining pattern with him. It really helps me remember.

I had a reining lesson today with Jenny. I was doing rollbacks incorrectly.
I thought you ran and turned without stopping! Whoops, that was wrong.
I learned the correct placement, size and speed to do the large and small
We needs lots and lots of practice on our spins!
Flying lead changes are there…between 2 steps for the right lead and half a
circle for the left.

I would certainly appreciate it if everyone would come and watch the
reining…and cheer!!! Velvet loves cheering. It occurs on Tuesday.

However, please don’t talk to me before Velvet and I make our ride. I plan
to be in total Zen concentration. Reining pattern requires lots of focus and

yee haw


PostHeaderIcon Velvet – Practice for Celebration Trail Class

I took my yellow slicker, my blue tarp and a bag of pop cans over to Pine
Dell tonight. I made a water box with the tarp and logs. I hung the yellow
slicker on top of a traffic cone that was sitting on top of a barrel. I had
Velvet carry the bag of pop cans from the barn to the obstacle course and we
warmed up with them bouncing on her saddle.

She smelled the water box before she confidentally went through it. She
ignored everything else. In desparation, I took the yellow slicker off the
traffic cone and put it on with a flapping flurry. Then we cantered around
with the yellow slicker flapping mightily.

nothing…after all…she’s an expert Ava Flag horse.

Now, I’m worried that we will do awful during the real course!

oh well-I’m done practicing for the trail class

PostHeaderIcon Sage the Pony Horse and the wretched Bumblebee

I was ponying Velvet yesterday while riding Sage. Velvet started to rear and
buck and run back and forth on the “pony side”. I knew we had trouble in
River City!

I had to concentrate on keeping my leg from getting tangled up in the lead.
Velvet also rubbed and pushed against Sage, pretty close to where my leg is
fastened on. Sage held firm. I lost all control of the rope and Velvet
got behind Sage and up on the other side where she became snubbed. Her head
was right above my knee and she couldn’t move. At least that helped me be
able to find the lead rope which was under the fender…and went around
Sage’s rear end. I managed to get the lead rope loose and threw it Velvet’s
way. Velvet took off galloping. She went right into the barn.

Sage and I trotted down to the barn. I got off and spied Velvet in the back
portion of her stall. I tied Sage up and came back to the stall where I had
to do battle with a huge bumblebee. It was waiting in attack mode. Thank
goodnes, I was carrying the Sage’s fly mask. Me and the bumblebee did
several dances in the aisle and he finally gave up and flew away. Sage got
extra treats for staying calm and thus saving my life!

Velvet got extra treats to make up for the stings.

Today, Velvet has about a 2″ high/4″ round circle on her rear end. That’s
probably where the bee first stung her. She’s got some other smaller welts
on her underbelly.



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